Send a Friend Some Food With DoorDash's New Gift Feature

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Let’s be realistic. We all strive to make your holiday shopping and DoorDash wants to help. It adds a new “send as a gift” option at checkout which will allow you to send food as a gift during the holiday season.

This new feature will allow you to select a card, add a personalized message and choose where the gift receipt is sent. You will also be able to schedule the delivery and even send tracking information to the recipient. This ensures that your gift will not be left outside in the cold or stolen by a stranger after deposit. Along with checking the new box and adding a message, you just order food as usual and tell DoorDash where to deliver it.

The new feature is also available on Caviar, a DoorDash company acquired in 2019. Caviar is available in some cities where DoorDash itself may not be available.

Food delivery services have likely seen a recent surge thanks to the global pandemic. Over the past year, DoorDash has expanded its reach by adding even more partners to his arsenal and now deliver your groceries straight to your door.

You will soon be able to use the new gifts feature on ios and the the Web. Support Android arrives at a later date. DoorDash has a special promotion for those looking to give. Customers will receive a $ 10 coupon when they spend $ 20 or more (before taxes and fees) from November 19 to November 27.

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