Skyrim on Alexa Is a Real Game You Can Play Because Bethesda Is Insane

Bethesda piqued the audience at E3 with a trailer for a version of Skyrim played by Alexa. Except that it was not a joke after all. It's real and you can play it now .

Bethesda gained a reputation for Skyrim milking for all its value, bringing it to new platforms even seven years after its release. At this point, there are few places where you can not play Skyrim. But Bethesda, being Bethesda, has found a way.

At the company's E3 press conference, the public looked forward to, but perhaps not hope for any kind of announcement Elder Scrolls. The latest Elder Scrolls game was released in 2011, and Bethesda has just announced a new Fallout game a few weeks ago. The probability that a new game of Elder Scrolls from the main series to follow Skyrim would arrive seemed weak.

Bethesda will finally confirm that The Elder Scrolls VI is coming (yeah, that's true, also by the way). But not before teasing the frustrated audience with a trailer of Keegan-Michael Key playing an audio version of Skyrim through an Amazon Echo called Skyrim: Very Special Edition. With Alexa as a fortune DM, the game played as a spoken version of these old text adventure games . The video then showed that Key was playing on all other platforms. Bethesda will inevitably bring Skyrim to: an Etch A Sketch, a Samsung smart fridge, and even a pager.

It was an obvious joke.

At least, that's what we thought. Bethesda continued to announce more details about Fallout: 76, a new mobile game Elder Scrolls, before finally titling the title card of The Elder Scrolls VI. At that time, we had almost forgotten all that. But it turns out that it's not a joke after all. You can activate the Alexa skill for Skyrim: Very Special Edition for the moment.

Skyrim Very Special Edition is … something

– Pixel Wolf Chaos (@Nitomatta) June 11, 2018

Just like in parody advertising (?), Alexa will describe your environment before asking you where you want to go and what you would like to do. You can use voice commands to swing your weapon, cast spells, or even use the Fus Ro Dah scream to explode enemies upside down. Alexa sometimes shows herself sassy at some point, at some point, telling you that getting improved DLC shaders has totally improved the rendering of the environment. Not that you can say it.

The game works on all Amazon Echo devices, but if you do not have an echo, you can still play. The Amazon app on Android and iOS devices (as well as on the Alexa app on Android) can talk to Alexa, which means you can also launch the game from your phone.

Games based on Alexa are nothing new but it is by far one of the most ambitious games of the Echo platform. Obviously, Skyrim: Very Special Edition is not the full game of Skyrim, but it does include a number of quests, locations and stories that you can follow and that can complete hours of play. Now we just need to know if Bethesda really intends to bring Skyrim to your pager.

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