Slack Debuts a Simpler, More Discoverable Design

A redesigned Slack app with a customizable sidebar and a search bar at the top.Soft

Just in time for anyone working at home for the first time, Slack is launching a redesign of its desktop application today. Soon, you’ll see new features, like a universal search bar and action buttons that should make the app’s features easier to use and discover.

Slack is rolling out the update starting today, so you may not see the changes right away. But when this happens to you, the most noticeable difference you can see is a more visible search bar at the top of the window. Although Slack has always had research, the company says that the redesigned search should make it easier to find your conversations.

A video showing various controls in the redesigned Slack app.Soft

The sidebar also sees an update, and paid users will especially appreciate some of the new features. On paid accounts, you can now reorganize and even group channels under custom labels that you create.

And in addition to a section dedicated to discussions, Slack adds entries for comments, reactions to your messages, files, people and applications. And above these entries you will find a new dial button.

Now when you click on the compose button you can type in your message and then choose the channel or person to send the message to, not the other way around.

A close-up of the new Composer window, with a typed message pointing to an ad channel.Soft

The old message box remains, however, and it gets a new button – a shortcut button with a lightning icon. Until now, slash commands have been a quick and easy way to access additional Slack features and applications, but many users have never discovered them.

A Slack shorctu button creating a new poll.Soft

The shortcut button complements the slash commands to make these additional features more visible and detectable. You can click on it to create a survey, start a meeting, etc. Slack says the shortcut button will get more powerful as other apps take advantage of it.

The update is rolling out over the next few weeks, so you may not see these changes right away. And while Slack has focused on the desktop for this redesign, the company says it will bring the new experience to mobile soon.

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