Slack Users Can Now Video Chat Directly With Microsoft Teams Users

A loose conversation starting a Microsoft Teams call

Slack and Microsoft Teams are direct competitors, but that doesn’t mean they can’t work together. Today Slack announced that you can now initiate calls to Teams users directly from the Slack app. You can also see the existing Team calls and the duration of the call before joining.

Slack and Teams are two of the most popular team communication apps available today, and generally you can think of them as incompatible competitors. If you work with more than one company (perhaps as an intermediary or through joint ventures), this can cause problems when each company has taken a different direction for communication applications.

But Slack makes things a little easier when you have to communicate between apps. Once you have installed the Team application, you can use the slash / teams-call command to start a call or join an existing call. This should make collaboration between companies a little easier.

It is not only teams that receive special treatment; Slack also added integrations for Zoom, Jabber, RingCentral and DialPad.

Integrations are available from today; you will just need an administrator to activate them.

Source: Soft via VentureBeat

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