Solve Crosswords and Play With Virtual Pets in New Google Smart Display Games

Cam Summerson

If you’re looking for something to do during your downtime, Google says it has an answer for you with new games for its smart displays. From today you can say: “Ok Google, let’s play a game»To access a collection of word games, puzzles and even virtual pet games.

The new multitude of games should have something for everyone. You can play crossword puzzles like Horizontal crossword or Daily Word Wheel that require you to fill in blank letters or even decipher to fill in a clue. If you prefer something like Boggle, Play on words will present you with six letters to create as many words as possible.

Google also showed puzzles like Daily brain trainer that matches you models, and Brainwashing puzzle, which will test your memory. If you fancy something on the theme of fantasy, Vocal quest will put you on an adventure as a mage, with voice activated spells and magic.

And for the children in your life, discover virtual pet games like My intelligent animal, which promises to give you a pet that learns by talking to it. You can even go to a virtual aquarium with Hey fish.

Google has changed the game’s interface to make it easier to find (and rediscover) the games you love, and you can request them by name. The games have already been released and you can play them now.

Source: Google

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