Some Windows 10 Users Are Trapped in S Mode

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Windows 10 Mode S you will not be able to install software outside the store or change the Edge's default search engine. If you bought a Surface Go this week, you've probably been stuck in S mode.

This problem applies to people who buy a Surface Go computer, a Surface laptop, or any of the other devices in S mode. You are supposed to be able to leave S mode for free. Microsoft had originally planned to charge 100 USD to exit S mode, however, the option to exit S mode is therefore in the Store application.

The application of the shop "leave S modeFunctionality was broken for three days, though. Like a thread on the Microsoft Answers forum described, users see blank gray screens in the Store application when they are trying to exit S mode.

Gray screen when you try to exit S mode in the Windows 10 Store applicationKJohnsonBMD /

Obviously, it's pretty serious: people who bought a Surface Go or another PC in S mode at the beginning of this week were totally unable to leave S Mode and install the software that was used. they want to use on their device all week. With regard to Windows bugs, being trapped in S mode is a very bad way that can make the new hardware of someone totally useless. How many GB of surface have been returned to stores this week?

There seems to be a way around the problem: a poster from the forum claims that he spent two hours on the phone with Microsoft Technical Support, which ultimately solved the problem. Some say that if you reset your PC and quickly use the Store to exit S mode, you can escape. However, if the Store application is updated, the Exit Mode S function will abort again. Microsoft must solve the problem.

Thanks to Woody Leonhard for AskWoody and Barb Bowman to spot that.

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