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Have you ever had a song stuck in your head but had no idea what it was? Maybe you didn’t even know any of the lyrics, making it difficult to find it. This has happened to me more times than I think. But those days are gone, because now you can hum songs in Google Search. And it will give you results.

The new feature is available on iOS and Android in the Google app or using Google Assistant. Using it couldn’t be easieror: tap the microphone, then search for a song. Um, sing or whistle what’s in your head. The search will then use machine learning to do its best to find a matching track.

Although it sounds simple enough, its use is actually quite fascinating. Google says it is able to dissect audio by “transforming [it] in a digital sequence representing the song’s melody ”- that means this should work even if you can’t carry a song in a bucket (thanks for that phrase, mom).

In Google blog post, he explains that the melody of a song is “like its fingerprint” in that each one is unique. If you can hum something that sounds like what’s in your head from a distance, the pitch doesn’t have to be precise, as the variations and changes are always unique to that particular song. Well, mostly songs anyway.

So yes, the next time you catch an earworm and have no idea what it is, you have a solution. Me, for my part, and grateful.

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