Stop Buying Inkjet Printers and Buy a Laser Printer Instead

Brother laser printer sitting on a shelf

Are you tired of your slow inkjet printer? Do you feel like the ink is constantly running out? Do yourself a favor and replace that big chunk with a quality laser printer.

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You might think that laser printers are for the business world and have no use in a residential environment, but unfortunately you are wrong. Laser printers are taking homes by storm, and here’s why.

Toner lasts much longer than ink

Close up of toner sticker on printer

While inkjet printers use ink, laser printers use toner, which is a powder mixture mostly made up of plastics that melt when heated and then bond to paper. This is why printed documents come out nice and warm on a laser printer.

Ink cartridges don’t last very long and have fairly strict expiration dates. Toner cartridges, on the other hand, can last for several years. It’s just plastic dust, after all, so there’s nothing inside that’s likely to dry out quickly and deteriorate. It also makes laser printers a great option for those who don’t print very often.

Plus, you can get a ton of mileage with just one toner cartridge. On the high end, an ink cartridge can print around 300 pages, while a toner cartridge can print a few thousand pages before starting to run low. It’s a huge difference.

Laser printers are cheaper to use

Brother Laser Printer Model HL-L2350DW

Many people think laser printers are insanely expensive, but they’re actually on par with most inkjet printers – and sometimes even cheaper.

For example, you can get a high quality Brother laser printer for well under $ 100, which is a great deal considering it’s only a one-time purchase for something you’ll own for years to come. There are others super laser printers under $ 200, too, if you want extra features like scanning or color, but even this under $ 100 model supports wireless networks, AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print.

In addition, toner cartridges offer better value overall in terms of cost per page. This the full set of HP ink cartridges is $ 45 and will produce a maximum of around 190 pages – this will cost you around $ 0.24 per page. This Brother toner cartridge is a bit more expensive at $ 54, but it will print up to 2,600 pages, which comes down to an impressive $ 0.02 per page.

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You might pay more for toner cartridges, but you’ll buy them much less often than with regular ink cartridges. You will save a lot more money in the long run.

Laser printers print much faster

paper delivery tray on laser printer

Speed ​​might not be essential to you most of the time, but more often than not you just want to print a document quickly and have it ready in the shortest possible time. This is where laser printers shine.

This HP OfficeJet inkjet printer can print up to 8.5 pages per minute. On the other hand, the Brother laser printer that we paired above can pump up to 32 pages per minute. This makes the laser printer almost four times faster than its inkjet brethren.

There are very few reasons to own an inkjet printer

HP OfficeJet inkjet printer

For most people, an inkjet printer is overkill. Unless you regularly need to print attractive photos or color documents, a laser printer can do the job just as well.

And even if you occasionally print a color document or photo, you are probably better off ordering prints online or going to a local print shop. You’ll pay more when it comes to cost per page, but if you only need to print a few high-quality photos every now and then, that extra cost is negligible at best.

In most cases, your home printing will most likely consist of only black and white documents. And even then, you probably aren’t printing as much, so a single toner cartridge can potentially last several years, while the ink cartridges will eventually expire and dry out on you. This makes laser printers a perfect option for a residential environment.

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