Struggling to Explain Internet Safety to Your Kids? Use This Free Resource

Laptop with Interland, the Internet security game from Google, displayed on the screen with the mascotsGoogle

Talking to children in clear, age-appropriate language about the dangers of the Internet can be tricky. Fortunately, Google offers a free (and rather fantastic) toolkit that you can use to discuss fundamentals with your kids.

In 2017, Google launched an Internet literacy program called Be awesome internet. It is aimed at children from primary to middle age, but is also accessible to those who are a little younger or older. Recently, after many comments from parents and educators, Google updated the program, which makes it a better time to take a look if you have not already done so.

Be Awesome Internet revolves around the "Internet Code of Awesome". These include concepts such as "Share Carefully", "Protect Your Secrets" and "It's Cool to Be Nice". These lessons introduce children to critical ideas, such as what they should not share online, how to keep private information confidential, and how they should behave on the Internet.

The new update expands the scope of the program to include not only online security, but also Internet culture and exercises designed to help children analyze and evaluate information found online.

Free support material includes all topics aboveas well as additional information for parents. Here you will find information on how to talk to your children about Internet safety, setting technological limits in your home, etc. There is even a free game to reinforce ideas after discussing them with your children. You can check out the program and free resources here.

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