T-Mobile's Year of Free Quibi Is a Deal You'll Abandon for Netflix

A series of phones displaying video content alongside the Quibi logo.Quibi

From April 6, if you benefit from an eligible T-Mobile package, the mobile telephone provider willree year of Quibi and a free year of Netflix. After that, you can choose a service to continue viewing it for free. Go ahead and admit it, this service is Netflix.

If you have no idea what the hell Quibi is, don’t feel bad. Technically, the service does not yet exist. But when it launches on April 6, it will be a video content service focused on short videos, preferably less than ten minutes. The company calls these videos Quick Bites, hence Quibi. Even the original shows will mostly consist of episodes of ten minutes or less, and explicitly filmed for viewing on your phone.

He has major funders and celebrity involvement to start, apart from T-Mobile, you will find content from Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigen and Liam Hemsworth.

The T-Moble deal begins on launch day, and plans with two or more eligible lines benefit. You’ll get Netflix and Quibi for free for a year, and after that, you’ll have to choose a service to keep.

Only time will tell how Quibi will be released in the coming year, but right now the safe bet is probably Netflix.

Source: T Mobile

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