Take Your Projector On The Go With These Accessories

Sometimes it feels good to get out of the house. But it’s not always easy to get away from your media center. Why not grab projector accessories and take the home theater on the road?

Stop and think for a minute. Everyone in the cul-de-sac is excited because he found out you have a super-cool mini-projector. But you have to take into account a few things before carrying your precious projector in your neighbor’s yard for a movie night. How will everyone hear the sound without a speaker? Just on which surface will you project the photo? And are you really going to put your spotlight on a table next to some abandoned drinks and an overflowing ashtray? Oh no, you do not worry about that anymore. That’s why it is imperative that you organize yourself before offering your ultra cool mini projector for any type of work.

Now, imagine that your pesky neighbor is asking you to bring your mini projector for a camping trip in the dark, damp woods. You will surely want to find a way to keep the battery alive. And you may need to be creative with a screen and a tripod … Honestly, you should have prepared yourself for everything sooner instead of waiting until the last minute! Fortunately for you, we have been looking for the best mini projector accessories to carry your mini projector in your travels. We have kept in mind the versatility so you can rest assured that these accessories are useful in all contexts, from camping to barbecue late at night.

120 “Blina Portable Projector Screen ($ 76)

If you are projecting a video, you must bring a screen. The difference in quality between a real projection screen and the side of a building is truly breathtaking and the last thing you want to see your favorite movie show is a textured wall (or worse, a group of trees) . The Blina 120 “is a safe, aesthetic and portable screen. It weighs only 13 pounds and can break down into a polyester sheath, allowing you to carry it or leave it in your car. You will not have to worry about the risk of it falling into the mud, because the frame of the Blina is beveled so as to distribute the weight and to balance the screen.

Few people will see the size of the 120-inch screen as a disappointment. A 120-inch screen is big enough to provide a great movie experience for a lot of people. It’s really amazing to see that the Blina is so portable, despite its size. Note that the screen does not have a back liner, but this is only a problem if a light source comes from behind the screen.

Camp Chef Outdoor Cinema Screen 144 “($ 198)

If the Blina is too small for you, you should simply consider a bigger screen. The giant camp leader is incredibly complacent, which means it’s an ideal choice for anyone trying to take his mini-projector on the fly. The camp leader is built with a steel frame that sinks deep into the ground, so you know he will not float in the breeze. If you are concerned that placing a screen as big in the ground is not enough, the camp leader can also be tied with ropes included.

Unlike Blinda, the camp leader has a covered back to prevent light leaks. So, if you are the type of person who has always wanted to watch Star Wars on a parking lot (or anywhere with a lot of light pollution), then you may want to consider this screen. If you want to project on the camp leader from behind, you can simply remove the bottom of the screen.

Now, this projection screen may not work perfectly during a camping trip in the woods. I mean, it really depends on where you are trying to use your projector, but a giant screen like this is about to fall if you can not find a reliable piece of land in which to stick it. And even if you find a place where the camp leader will stay, he can be cockeyed or inclined. In addition, this screen is not as portable as the Blinda. It weighs 35 pounds (more than double) and breaks down into individual pieces. This is a great option for a nice flat lot.

Anker Soundcore 2 ($ 40)

You’ve convinced all your old friends to be in your mosquito-infested garden for the movie night so you can hear the movie you’ve been playing better. Do not make everyone hurry around the projector just to hear his little speaker. Invest in a durable Bluetooth speaker, such as the Anker Soundcore 2. The Soundcore 2 is a transparent speaker, powerful and waterproof, with a battery life of 24 hours. Oh, and your projector does not need Bluetooth compatibility, because Anker Soundcore 2 has an auxiliary input.

It’s a great travel companion for your projector as it can be very noisy and not disproportionately large. Not to mention that you can use a lot of non-speaker with a good Bluetooth speaker.

JBL Xtreme Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($ 198)

If you’re looking for a more powerful and stronger speaker than Soundcore 2, take a look at the JBL Xtreme. This may seem tedious for a Bluetooth speaker, but you are negotiating portability for quality. The Xtreme has a lot of volume, an excellent bass and treble response, a waterproof case and the ability to pair with other speakers. Oh, and it has an auxiliary input, so you can still use it with your projector without Bluetooth.

This is true. If you need more volume, you can still pair the Xtreme to another JBL speaker. But you will probably not find yourself in a movie watching situation where the Xtreme is too quiet. It is powered by a 10,000 mAh battery and can run for 15 hours without charge. It can also be used as a mobile battery if you need to charge your projector or mobile phone in a pinch.

But there are many reasons not to buy this speaker. On the one hand, there are speakers like Anker Soundcore 2 that can do the job at a slightly lower price. And many of these cheaper Bluetooth speakers can fit in a pocket or purse. The JBL Xtreme is about the size of a skateboard and can be very complicated. But the price and size of the Xtreme do not change the fact that it is an excellent audio equipment. Whether you are organizing a party for a large group or a movie night with a handful of friends, Xtreme will enhance the experience.

TaoTronics Bluetooth 4.2 Transmitter ($ 30)

All mini projectors are not created equal. Some are heavy, others light. Some look nice, others are very ugly. And only a handful of mini projectors are Bluetooth enabled. Fortunately, the TaoTronics Bluetooth transmitter is an economical way to add Bluetooth functionality to your favorite projector. Yes, most portable speakers have auxiliary inputs. But an auxiliary cable physically connects your speaker and your projector and limits the placement options of your speakers. There’s also the slim chance that you’ll lose your trusty cable to (the “friends” tend to “borrow” mine), and you know there’s never any cable around when you’ve got the most need. No one will ever borrow your TaoTronic Bluetooth transmitter, and it’s so small that you can leave it plugged into your projector for all eternity.

The Taotronics Bluetooth transmitter can transmit a stereo signal or two mono signals. Therefore, if you have two Bluetooth speakers, you can also use them. It can last 10 hours without charge, but you can also leave it plugged into the USB port of your projector all the time.

Neewer Compact Mini Tripod ($ 38)

Do not place your projector on the floor. Do not press on a stump or trash. Tripods are not that expensive, they help you stabilize your image and keep your mini projector safe. The Neewer mini tripod can reach a height of 20 “and support up to 11 pounds. It is a mini-tripod simple and professional quality. You can count on him for indoor and outdoor use.

The most user-friendly feature of the projector on the Neewer is its swivel head that allows you to rotate your projector at any angle. It also has a spirit level, so you do not have to worry about straightening your image. Promise us not to try to rotate your projector on the Neewer before checking that your projector is equipped with a tripod mount.

JOBY GorillaPod SLR Zoom ($ 39)

Have you ever wanted to hang your projector on a tree? The Joby GorillaPod SLR Zoom is a tripod with flexible feet with a magnetic tip. This is a great option for people who want to set up impromptu streaming sessions or for those who just want to be able to project in unconventional environments. Of course, your projector will have to be mounted on a tripod if you want to screw it on the Joby.

Yes, you can hang your projector upside down from a rail or clothesline. The crazy things you can do with one of these models make it a great companion for people who are looking for a lot of mobility and are not afraid to project video on the side of a building or the ceiling of a hotel. . Can I suggest a very portable Bluetooth speaker to pair with the Joby?

Unless you are a daredevil, you should not use a heavy mini projector with the GorillaPod SLR zoom lens. You see, this tripod can only support 6.6 kg. If that’s a problem, check out the GorillaPod 5K. He can stand 11 pounds.

Pyle Projector Stand ($ 32)

If your mini projector does not have a tripod stand, all you need is a tripod with a flat stand. The Pyle projector mount can be up to 41 “high, which is ample for most situations.

The Pyle is also a great option for those who wish to use their laptop or game console with their projector. With the Pyle, you have a 16 “x 20” space to store your belongings and most mini projectors are no more than a foot wide. If you are ready to sacrifice some of this surface for an extra 9 “, you should take a look at this 50” tall Pyle tripod.

RAVPower 26800mAh Battery ($ 57)

Why not bring a portable battery for the trip? Most mini projectors and Bluetooth speakers have a reasonable battery life, but you do not always have the option to charge them. The RAVPower supports an impressive charge of 26800mAh (which is great for the price) and can charge three devices simultaneously.

Not to mention, you can use a portable battery for more than your mini projector. You could probably use a good portable battery for your phone every day and the RAVPower has a lot of power for a reasonable price.

CASEMATIX WORKFORCE Hard Projector Case ($ 45)


Whether you are putting your projector in nature or at a party, you want to keep it dry and dry. The CASEMATIX has enough space to accommodate most mini-projectors, remote controls, power cables and small accessories. It features a block-style foam interior that you can select based on the shape and size of the holes you need. Although a hard case (or any case) for a projector may seem unnecessary, it offers much more security than a tote bag.

A good box could last longer than your projector or be used for future upgrades. You can also use one of them for your other hobbies. If you handle a lot of sensitive microphones, cameras, or electronic components, a case like this can often be useful.

Chromecast ($ 35)

I like going out of the house to get some air, but I’ve trained my primitive mammal brain to only relax when I have access to Youtube or Hulu. Fortunately, Chromecast is an extremely portable and unobtrusive broadcast device. It’s so small that you can leave it on your projector all the time. Obviously, you’re not going to have Wi-Fi in the woods or under a bridge, but it’s easy to set up your phone as a hotspot Wi-Fi, and most operators have unlimited data plans at a reasonable price.

At the end of the day, the streaming device that you associate with your projector does not matter. Some projectors even incorporate rudimentary streaming features. But Chromecast works particularly well as a mobile device because it does not come with a remote. No matter who can use a phone or laptop to control a Chromecast, this gives you great flexibility. Not to mention the base of Chromecast is only $ 35.

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