The 2021 Emoji Update Will Come Six Months Late

Don’t worry, the Unicode Consortium 2020 emoji update is ready to launch and will arrive on your phone between August and December. But the 2021 emoji update will come six months late. It was due to arrive on phones in late 2021, but will now be postponed in early 2022.

As you can imagine, the COVID-19 pandemic is responsible for this delay. The people at Unicode cannot work on their regular schedule and have other projects to manage at the moment. On this adjusted calendar, the 2021 emoji should be fully illustrated and programmed by September next year. But if previous emoji updates are an indication, phone manufacturers won’t update their devices to the new standard until at least January 2022.

We can still see a little update in 2021, but it won’t include any new emoji. According to Emojipedia (the Unicode Consortium blog), a few easy-to-program emoji sequences could be released next year. Sequences are just two emoji that can merge, like the service dog (🐕 + 🦺 = 🐕‍🦺) and the rainbow flag (🏳 + 🌈 = 🏳‍🌈). This small update has not been confirmed and, again, will not include any new emoji.

Source: Emojipedia

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