The 5 Best Wi-Fi Mesh Routers for Total Home Coverage

An eero router and a beacon on a wooden floor.

Do you have trouble keeping a good Wi-Fi reception throughout your home? This old unique router may not be up to the mark. You may want to consider a mesh kit, which combines multiple wireless routers for extended coverage.

What to look for in Wi-Fi network routers

If your home has dead zones where the Internet is not accessible, Wi-Fi mesh routers are a great solution to the problem. They work by providing multiple wireless internet points and smartly putting your device back to the nearest device.

For computers, TVs and other fixed equipment, this last part is not important, but for phones and tablets, reliable coverage throughout the house makes all the difference.

When choosing a good Wi-Fi mesh router, you need to pay attention to a few things:

  • Multi-Packs You can usually buy a single router compatible with the mesh, but you will not enjoy the benefits of the mesh: additional devices rebroadcast wireless Internet. Instead, choose something delivered with multiple units (often a router and satellites) and aim for at least two or three if your home is about 4,000 square feet, more if your home is larger.
  • backhaul: The best mesh kits offer backhaul capabilities. Backhaul is a dedicated communication channel between mesh router units. This feature allows you to maintain fast speeds even when connected to a satellite. Some units provide backhaul via Ethernet, while others do so via a wireless tri-band system (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and a third band for backhaul). If you have the available cabling, Ethernet is better.
  • Extensibility: While it’s good to buy a multi-pack that fits your needs, it’s sometimes easier to buy less now and add more units later. If it’s all or nothing now, you should skip the option you are considering for something more flexible.

With the exception of Google Nest Wifi, all the kits we’ve chosen meet our criteria of offering multi-packs, backhaul and extensibility. Plus, they support at least the standard Wi-Fi AC, if not better.

For Google and Nest Homes: Nest Wifi

Google Wifi and Satellite Nest
Cameron Summerson

Google’s Nest Wifi is the 2019 suite of the original version of Google Wifi and offers an extra tip: each router also acts as a Google Mini Nest. If you’re planning to populate your home with Nest Mini Smart Speakers, Nest Wifi offers you a two-for-one scenario and fewer things to plug in side by side.

Nest Wifi does not support wireless landline or tri-band wireless, but Google says it can maintain speed with software management. The routers themselves are powerful; Google promises that two units can cover a 4,400 square foot home, while the other mesh kits use three routers to accomplish this. Since you’ll buy less Nest Minis and potentially fewer Wi-Fi routers, it’s a double economy.

For Google Homes

Lot of 2 Wi-Fi routers Google Google – Wi-Fi Mesh Wired 4×4 AC2200 with an area of ​​4400 square feet

If you’re investing in Google’s ecosystem, the Nest Wifi is the mesh kit that’s right for you. It incorporates built-in Nest Mini features, so you have fewer devices to buy. Two routers are able to cover a 4400 square foot house.

$ 299.00
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For Amazon Homes: eero Pro Mesh WiFi System

An eero pro router and two eero tags on a white background.

As far as meshing is concerned, eero meshed WiFi systems have probably helped to popularize the concept. Although you can spend less on eero mesh systems, the Pro is worth it because it is equipped with a dedicated tri-band radio to support wireless backhaul. This means you will get faster speeds to the confines of your home.

In addition, the eero mesh kits feature an easy Amazon configuration system. When eero detects new Alexa devices, the router automatically configures it and connects the smart speaker to the network.

This kit includes an eero router and two tags (satellites). You can opt for the three, more expensive, package of all routers, if you prefer an Ethernet link.

For Amazonian households

Mesh WiFi system eero Pro (1 Pro + 2 tags)

If you buy Alexa products, eero will save you time. When it detects a simple configuration Amazon device, the eero routers configure it automatically. These eero routers also support tri-band backhaul for better speeds.

$ 279.00
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For complicated houses: Super pods Plume

Three silver superpods feather.

Plume super pods are very different from most other mesh network routers. First of all, they require a subscription. The additional cost provides additional functionality that makes mesh routers smarter and better suited for managing complex domestic scenarios, such as apartments with congestion issues.

Pen Adaptive Wi-Fi analyzes your network and makes adjustments based on the number of connected devices and the most suitable channels. This means you’ll spend less time optimizing your network and more time using it. Superpod Plume also supports Ethernet and wireless links for optimal performance.

For smart homes and non-subscription Plume: Samsung SmartThings Wifi

Three Samsung SmartThings Wifi hubs in a triangle layout.

If you’re thinking of building a more complicated smart home and looking for a good hub, Samsung’s SmartThings Wifi is a great two-way solution. Each unit operates as a SmartThings hub and a mesh router. You thus have an extensive Wi-Fi network and a network Zigbee and Z-Wave. Having this setup can help you place smart devices in the most remote areas of your home, where they might not be able to connect properly.

WiFi SmartThings routers are feather devices disguised and considered to have a lifetime subscription without paying the price. If we do not recommend this option in relation to the feather superpods, it is that you will have to deal with two apps (Samsung and Feathers), it is surprisingly difficult to know when to use which, and the feather material is a bit better . For example, the SmartThings mesh kit supports the wired terrestrial link, but not the wireless landline.

For future verification: Linksys Velop WiFi 6 Mesh Router

Two Linksys routers, tall and shaped building.

Here’s the truth: you do not need a Wi-Fi router 6 at the moment or even very soon. Most likely, you do not even have a single device that supports Wi-Fi 6 at this point. But if you do not like the idea of ​​buying a mesh kit now and replace it later to take advantage of the Wi-Fi 6 support, then you can go straight to the # 39; future.

The Linksys mesh router manages Wi-Fi devices 6 and offers the widest promised coverage of all the meshes on this list. Only two router points should cover a 6,000 square foot house (give or take thick walls). Linksys also says that this mesh kit can handle speeds of up to 5.3 Gbps, which is probably faster than any home consumer currently has access to. Just keep in mind that you are paying a premium to have the latest and the best currently.

For future verification

Linksys Velop WiFi 6 Mesh Router (WiFi 6 Mesh System for Entire WiFi Mesh Network) MX10 Velop AX (2-Pack, White)

If you need the latest technologies, the Linksys Velop Wifi 6 router is perfect. It supports WiFi 6 and reaches a speed of 5 Gbps. You probably have one or the other, but one day you can, and it will be ready when you do it.

$ 699.99
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