The 6 Best Ultra-Light Mice

Desk Cooler Master MM710Cooler Master

Ultralight mice have become very popular in the past two years, with many companies responding to this spike in interest with incredibly light mice. Although they are generally marketed to players, we have reached a point where there are enough of these mice on the market so that there is certainly one that matches your functional and aesthetic preferences.

So, we sorted out these mice and came out with the best of the best, whether for gaming, work, or web browsing.

What you need to know about ultra-light mice

Before we get started, there are a few things we want to touch on here about ultralight mice in general.

Weight: Obviously, this is the most important decision point. We have set our cutoff threshold of “what is an ultra-light mouse” to 80 grams. We will note in each section the weight of each mouse.
Form: It is crucial to make sure that you like the shape of your mice. It can be uncomfortable to use it for longer periods of time if the shape doesn’t match the way you use your mouse. The hand with which you use your mouse is the first thing to consider. Mice can be shaped to specifically fit the right or left hand, or can use an ambidextrous design to be comfortable to hold with either hand. All the mice in this list are right-handed or ambidextrous. We also recommend that you look at as many images as possible of any mouse that interests you, so you can get a good idea of ​​the shape.
Ease of movement: Ultra-light mice will already be easier to move, but there are several additional ways for manufacturers to make movement even more enjoyable. Mouse feet are the small pads glued to the bottom of your mouse that allow it to move smoothly on your mouse pad. As far as these are concerned, the smoother the better. The cord should also be noted, as many mice now have “ultra-flexible” cords which, as their name suggests, are not as rigid as normal cords and are easier to move.
Additional features: Features like the ability to easily reprogram your mouse buttons, RGB lighting, or items like the skins and handles included in the box are not essential, but these are nice bonuses and will be scored as such.
Out of the box: Finally, we wanted to clarify that we are talking about these mice because they are out of the box; we do not take into account any after-sales mod.

With all of that aside, let’s talk about the best ultra-light mice on the market today.

A range of options: Razer Viper mice

Razer Viper LineRazer

The Vipers are a line of lightweight gaming mice that Razer has expanded over the past year. The line includes three mice: the Viper, the Viper Ultimate, and the recent Viper Mini.

the Viper is a fairly standard gaming mouse with two thumb buttons on each side, it is wired and weighs 69 grams. the Viper Ultimate is wireless and weighs just 74 grams, making it one of the lightest wireless mice on the market. In addition to cutting the cord, the Viper Ultimate is almost identical to the Standard Viper. It has a different sensor than the Viper however, this increases the maximum 16,000 DPI of the Viper to 20,000 on the Viper Ultimate.

the Viper Mini is the lightest of the bouquet at 61 grams and has a cord to achieve it. As the name suggests, the Mini is not as long or wide as the Viper and Viper Ultimate, but it has a higher rear hump. the Viper Mini also has a small strip of LED lights on the bottom of the mouse, which can be personalized by Razer Synapse. Related to Standard Viper and Viper Ultimate, the Mini he misses the two thumb buttons on the right side but keeps them on the left side.

All three mice use the same optical mouse switches, which are faster and more precise than the standard mechanical switches found on most mice. Each mouse button can also be reprogrammed using Razer Synapse.

A line with options

The lightest in the world: FinalMouse Ultralight 2

FinalMouse UltraLight 2FinalMouse

If you want to get the lightest mouse possible, the Ultralight 2 is the one for you with a lean 47 grams. The Ultralight’s shell features the popular honeycomb design that you will find on many light mice. This design allows a lot of weight to be removed from the mouse, without compromising the structural integrity of the chassis.

Despite its lightness, the Ultralight 2 will remain solid in the hand thanks to the composite material of which it is made. Some find the material of the Ultralight 2 too grainy, but luckily this can be resolved with the included Infinityskin pack. These skins are more pleasant to the touch and can be used to adjust the size and shape of the mouse to your liking. Skins like these should generally be purchased on the secondary market for most mice, so it’s nice to include them in the box here.

There are, however, two things you should know with this mouse. First, the colors. Although the combo of white and orange colors used by the mouse is superb, it is not exactly neutral. There have been some limited-time variants of the mouse, but it is even more difficult to get hold of than the normal mouse. Speaking of which, the second thing you need to know is that the Ultralight 2 can be out of stock most of the time, so if you’re interested, you might have to wait a bit.

But if these issues don’t distract you and you don’t mind the relatively high price, the Ultralight 2 is a great mouse for those who need the lighter option.

The lightest around

Lighter for less: Cooler Master MM710

Cooler Master MM710Cooler Master

Like the Ultralight 2, the MM710 also aims to reduce as much weight as possible (it weighs 53 grams) but with a more affordable price. The MM710 is a fairly simple mouse with its ambidextrous design and its two thumb buttons on the left side. The cord is ultra flexible and the feet of the mouse are very smooth.

You can also go with the MM711, which is almost identical to the MM710 but is white, has RGB lighting and weighs 60 grams.

Lighter for less

Lightweight and wireless: Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech G Pro WirelessLogitech

When it comes to lightweight wireless mice, you don’t have many options. A wireless mouse will always be heavier than a wired mouse because it has batteries. But there are still some good options, like the Logitech G Pro Wireless weighing 80 grams.

Aside from its low weight, the G Pro Wireless is fairly standard. It has an ambidextrous design with two thumb buttons on each side. It also has a small compartment under the mouse that can store the USB dongle, which uses Logitech’s “Lightspeed Wireless” low latency technology, so it is still well suited for gaming.

You have some RGB lighting with the “G” logo on the top of the mouse, which can be customized in this easy to use Logitech G Hub Program.

Lightweight and cordless

Beautiful RGB: Glorious PC Model O Gaming Mouse

Glorious Model-OGlorious PC Gaming Race

For RGB enthusiasts, the Glorious PC Model O should satisfy your lighting desires. There are a few strips of LED lights running along the sides of the mouse and the scroll wheel. You can customize this lighting using Glorious software, but you can also do it on the mouse itself.

In addition to that, the mouse has an ambidextrous design with two thumb buttons on the left side, an ultra-flexible cable and comes pre-equipped with Glorious “G-Skates” or ultra-smooth mouse feet.

There are a few different models of the O model. You have the standard Model O, which weighs 67 grams, and you have the Model O-, which is slightly shorter and thinner than the normal model O and weighs 58 grams. You can also get the Model D, which is longer and thicker, weighs 68 grams and uses a right-handed design.

The three mice are available in black or white with a mat or gloss paint finish.

Lots of color options: G-Wolves Hati HT-M 3360

G-Wolves Hati HT-M 3360G-Wolves

The G-Wolves Hati HT-M 3360 is another standard lightweight mouse weighing 61 grams. It has an ambidextrous design with two thumb buttons on the left side and uses the honeycomb design for the shell. It comes with handles, feet and a spare cable which are nice to see. Everything even comes in a collectible tin box which is a nice bonus.

The main reason to consider the Hati is the color options. There are eight different colors to choose from – ash, black and gray, shiny white, midnight shade, turquoise, white and blue, white and gray and red (photo above) – which is way more than most mice .

While it’s not a functional feature, it’s nice to see for those who want a unified color scheme or just want a cool, unique mouse.

Lots of color options

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