The 7 Best Software Keyboards for iOS

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Just because your iPhone comes with a soft keyboard doesn’t mean you have to like it… or keep it. There are better iPhone keyboard apps with robust features like custom themes and emoji, plus some that can help you type faster or more accurately, so why not take the leap?

Although keyboard customization first became available on iOS 8, it’s not the only operating system that allows users to swap out a third-party keyboard on their mobile device: there are several. options for android as well as. Most of the keyboard apps in our comparison actually offer apps for both systems, so if you have devices on Android and iOS and find one you like, you can install it on all of your devices.

What to look for in an iOS keyboard app

Choosing a new keyboard is a fun way to personalize your phone, and it can be fun to try out new keyboard apps to see what’s available. Each app offers a variety of things to customize from comfort to aesthetics. Everyone does things in their own way, however, here are the most important things to consider:

Text options: Good keyboard software makes typing fast and accurate, and supports gesture and voice input. It should also feature robust options for text correction and predictive text, support a wide variety of languages, and let you add or remove words from your personal dictionary.
Design: Third-party keyboard apps are all about personalization. From fun colorful themes to keyboard layout choices, having tons of options for each setting is what makes them great. The best keyboard apps for iPhone offer multiple keyboard size and layout options, and let you switch between things like haptic feedback, sounds, emojis and GIFs, as well as a number line. Almost any customization you can think of is possible, so be sure to take the time to try a few and find the one that’s right for you.
Emoji and GIF access: While it’s important for a keyboard to have solid text options for fast and accurate typing, half the fun is discovering GIFs and emoji and sharing them with friends. Good iPhone keyboard apps make it easy to access emoji, stickers, GIFs, and other fun extras, instead of forcing you to find or download them from another app.
Privacy: Keyboards can access anything you type, from passwords and usernames to credit card information and your personal dictionary. Because of this vulnerability, we prefer keyboards that guarantee privacy and store everything locally on your device (rather than in the cloud somewhere).
Cost: All of the keyboard apps in our comparison are free, although some offer in-app purchases for things like premium themes or other tools. Even if you end up looking at other keyboard apps outside of our list, be sure to steer clear of options that require a purchase or, worse, a subscription, as it’s just not something you need to. pay.

Best multilingual option: SwiftKey

SwiftKey app for speaking in different languages ​​and using emojiMicrosoft SwiftKey

Microsoft SwiftKey (Free, with in-app purchases) is a solid and comprehensive keyboard app, but its most impressive feature is its language support. The app allows you to seamlessly type up to five languages ​​at a time without adjusting any settings. You can choose from over 400 supported languages. Therefore, if you have friends and family members across the world, this keyboard can help you talk to everyone effectively. The AI-powered dictionary constantly adapts to your unique way of speaking and features powerful autocorrect and helpful text predictions. And don’t worry, it also comes with sturdy GIFs, emoji, and stickers when you feel like going crazy.

Private, Pretty and Fast: Fleksy

Fleksy keyboard for privacy, speed, and nice customizationFleksy

Fleksy (Free, with in-app purchases) is beautiful and private, yes, but its brilliant feature is the speed at which you can type with it. Fleksy is the fastest keyboard on the market, even with a Guinness world record. It stores everything you type locally on your device, not in a cloud, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your private information (like username and password) is not vulnerable to hackers. . The keyboard also has built-in mini-apps that let you search for memes, GIFs, video clips, and even Yelp recommendations without switching apps. There is also a selection of other mini extensions.

Lots of features, Little Frill: Gboard

Gboard for powerful features, easy search of emojis and moreGoogle Gboard

Google Gboard (Free) is simple and straightforward, focusing on functionality through Flash. It offers great text prediction using machine learning and supports multiple languages ​​so you can switch between typing in different languages. Your dictionary and your autocorrect suggestions will be automatically detected and toggled accordingly. It also supports voice and sliding typing.

Gboard offers a wide selection of GIFs, stickers, and emojis, and you can customize settings like haptic comments, sounds, keyboard layout, and theme options. The keyboard has a small selection of themes with muted colors, landscape photos, and gradients, and you can use one of your own photos as well. Gboard also keeps your information private and only stores it on your device.

Ideal for reducing typos: Typewise

Typical traditional keyboard and alternative keyboard and night modeTypically

Sure, typos do happen, but if you feel like you tend to create them more than others, you might want to check Typically (Free, with in-app purchases). While it retains a “traditional” keyboard layout option, it pushes users to type with its alternate keyboard layout, which has larger keys and is designed to cause 80% fewer typos. The app uses gestures to make typing easier, such as swiping up to capitalize a letter or swiping left or right to delete or restore, respectively. It also keeps what you type safe and out of the cloud, and supports typing in over 40 languages.

For help with grammar: grammar

Grammatical iOS keyboard corrects typos, uses correct grammar and strengthens your writingGrammar

No one likes to be the person known for their grammatical errors. If this sounds like you, consider downloading Grammar (Free, with in-app purchases). While it lacks many of the cooler features that these types of apps tend to have, it does a decent job of helping you type faster, making your writing stronger and more precise, and helping you to type faster. understand the mistakes you make so you don’t repeat. in the future. The keyboard works in all kinds of applications, such as social networking sites, emails, messages, and documents, and it promises secure privacy for whatever you type while using it.

Customizable themes and fonts: ReBoard

ReBoard with customizable keyboard options and web and image searchReBoard

You can unleash your inner artist with ReBoard (Free, with in-app purchases), because it gives you the flexibility to customize just about everything from themes and keyboard layouts to fonts. ReBoard has a huge database of animated stickers and the latest emoji, and even has automatic emoji predictions and an emoji search feature. ReBoard also has tons of ways to customize your keyboard, like different sizes and colors, one-handed typing layouts, and options for alternate characters and moving the cursor on the space bar. It even has 27 built-in mini apps for web and image search, GIFs and stickers, a calculator, YouTube, your calendar, Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, news, and more.

Best for custom emoji: Bitmoji

Bitmoji app for creating personalized cartoon avatar stickersBitmoji

If you love to use emojis but always wanted something a little more personal, check out Bitmoji (Free). The app allows you to create a personalized cartoon avatar that looks like you. You control details like facial features, your hair and skin color, and even the expressions, outfits and accessories of your avatars. While it also lets you type regularly and offers helpful text suggestions, the fun of the app is taking the time to personalize your Bitmoji stickers and show them off to friends and family when chatting with them. .

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