The BBC Sounds App is Now Available Outside the UK for Global Listeners

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Fans of the BBC’s great content can now enjoy curated audio programming – from music to podcasts – on the service new BBC Sounds app. Previously, users could only access audio content from the BBC’s iPlayer app, but it has now been separated and moved to BBC Sounds. The app is also available outside the UK.

The new app makes it easier to find audio items like podcasts, radio, and music without having to browse through videos and live TV (which was also offered in iPlayer). Through the app you will have access to all BBC radio stations. You can view past and future station schedules, pause and rewind live radio, download shows for offline listening, and subscribe to your favorite shows and mixes.

BBC Sounds offers personalized recommendations based on what you’ve heard before. It even takes into account how long you’ve listened to a program to determine how much you liked it in order to make more specific recommendations. You can also search for new content by speech and music categories, and see the latest episodes of a podcast in one list.

The app allows you to set a sleep timer, which is handy if you listen to it at night, and you can even send music you like to Spotify or Apple Music. BBC Sounds is completely free to download and is available for iOS and Android devices.

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