The Best 6 iPad Bluetooth Keyboards For Every Budget

Your iPad is a great tool for being productive on the go. The on-screen keyboard just can not be compared to a physical keyboard, whether you write e-mails or fill in your to-do list, the physical keys make it much faster. Here are our best choices for Bluetooth keyboards.

Today's rally is exclusively focused on individual Bluetooth keyboards (as opposed to combination keyboard-case models). Why? The keyboards are great, do not get me wrong, but the separate keyboards are really useful if you want to use one on multiple devices or position your keyboard comfortably away from the iPad – you can not put the keyboard on your lap and the iPad is supported at eye level on a stack of books, for example, if the keyboard and the housing are mated.

You'll never have to worry about upgrading to a different iPad size, because no matter which iPad you use, the keyboard will still work fine. Here are our best choices for every budget and requirement.

Apple Magic Keyboard ($ 99)

The Apple Magic Keyboard was not specifically designed to be a laptop keyboard. It is actually designed as a Bluetooth keyboard for everything with a Bluetooth connection from your desktop PC to your Apple TV for, yes, your iPad. This means that it is not as portable as other Bluetooth keyboards here, but it still has a large built-in rechargeable battery that promises about a month between charges.

The Magic Keyboard is, basically, a well-designed Apple keyboard and sports the right level of spring in the keys and the comfort that people expect from Apple keyboards. A stable scissor mechanism under each key contributes to this familiar spring and the low profile of the keyboard is easy on your wrists.

The joy here is that you can easily hook it up to one of your other devices, before immediately returning to your beloved iPad. In addition to all this, this keyboard is not much smaller than an ordinary keyboard, so you'll be able to adapt quickly.

JETech Universal Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard ($ 13)

If you thought the battery life of a month was impressive, the wireless Bluetooth keyboard JETech will amaze you with its promise of three months in normal use. You can thank its aggressive energy saving mode which ensures that it hardly sips the AAA batteries that power it.

The keyboard is smaller than a normal keyboard but its low profile and its generously spaced keys will not make you suffer too much. It is also quiet, so you will not seem to be banging on an old typewriter when working in the cafe.

Although we recommend it for your iPad, the keyboard has been designed to easily switch between operating systems and with a simple flick of the function keys you can change keyboard shortcuts between iOS, Android, macOS and Windows. Not only is it a good value for the iPad, but it is so flexible that you can easily associate it with your other devices. It is small and light enough to fit in your bag too.

Arteck Universal Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard ($ 20)

If you've never used a backlit keyboard, it's easy to think that it's not such an important feature. Start using one, however, and you will never want to go back to the dark. If you are looking for the glow of the keys to guide your fingers, definitely fix the Arteck Universal Slim Wireless Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard for your iPad. The keyboard offers 7 unique backlight colors with a choice of 2 brightness levels, and an auto sleep function to save battery power.

It's not that conserving energy is a big concern for this particular keyboard – its rechargeable lithium battery should last up to 6 months between recharging. Regardless of your choice of backlighting, the keyboard itself is quiet enough and responsive with the available system-specific function keys. It's small and light enough for you to slip into your bag next to your iPad for those who write.

Logitech Keys-to-Go Logitech Keyboard ($ 70)

Stylish and lightweight, the keyboard Logitech Keys-to-Go Ultra Slim is quite stylish and practical. It features a FabricSkin membrane that is resistant to spills, drops and crumbs while remaining comfortable to the touch.

Designed with the iPad in mind, it offers iOS shortcuts for quick and familiar typing, and it's small enough to fit in a coat pocket. It comes with an iPhone holder so you can easily insert your device on top for extra comfort, and its rechargeable battery lets you tap up to three months between charging.

If it was only backlit, it would probably be the perfect keyboard for your iPad.

Nulaxy Bluetooth Keyboard ($ 18)

The Nulaxy Bluetooth Keyboard prides itself as well for business users – and while it does not have any secret features, other keyboards lack style and style. It is ultra slim and portable, so it's easy to throw it in your backpack or briefcase while looking at the room if you need to remove it at a meeting.

Its keys are suitably comfortable and quiet, with an energy saving mode which means that it goes to sleep after 15 minutes of inactivity. Based on two hours a day, its charge should last about two months.

As a bonus, there is a leather cover in which is also a smart support for your iPad, ensuring excellent value for money.

Ultra Thin Bluetooth Keyboard OMOTON ($ 16)

Inscribing in the aesthetic Apple, the Bluetooth keyboard OMOTON Ultra-Slim has the look of the room and also plays the role. While this may seem like home with the Apple color scheme, do not expect the construction and quality of the precision keys you would get from the official Apple keyboard that we have highlighted above.

Nevertheless, it's a small affair looking for a keyboard. The battery is long (about 30 days of continuous use) and the automatic standby mode allows for up to 6 months between battery changes. You will not find a lithium-ion battery at this price, but it's fairly easy to exchange the 2 AAA batteries when they will discharge.

He is small and light, proving to be just big enough to work for your fingers without being awkward to carry. If all you want is a basic Bluetooth keyboard that looks like home with your Apple product, that's it.

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