The Best Android Games Exclusive to the NVIDIA SHIELD

NVIDIA's SHIELD product line is a good example of what Android can do when it's in good hands – SHIELD Tablet is still one of the best Android and SHIELD Android tablets TV is the best Android TV Box you can buy.

Both products are incredibly powerful and versatile, but we all know it. NVIDIA is a gaming company – not necessarily a company that makes games, but a passionate company to give users the best experience of the games that they play.

As a result, all SHIELD devices were designed for the game. In fact, the original concept of SHIELD was what we now know as SHIELD Portable – a portable gaming console under Android. The idea has evolved since and notebook is a bit long in the tooth, but Tablet and Android TV units are still among the best in their respective classes for performance and games.

Because they're built with the idea that they can be used for simple pickup and gaming games, NVIDIA has invested a lot of time and money into producing quality console quality games whose Android versions are available exclusively. on SHIELD devices (though they may be available on other consoles, like Xbox, PlayStation or PC). Here are some of the best titles you'll find on Google Play.

Note: All of these games require a controller to play.

Action Games

The action is one of the most popular genres, but when it comes to Android games, there is not much choice. So NVIDIA brought some of the best console games to SHIELD, including:

Metal Gear Solid 2 HD ($ 14.99 – TV only): Easily one of the best games to come out of the era of PlayStation 2, this game is a classic. And his SHIELD port plays perfectly.
Gear Metal Rising Revengeance ($ 14.99 – TV only): Another great title in the Metal Gear series, this one is super fast with a lot to do all the time. It's still pretty amazing that it's happening on a mobile platform.
Resident Evil 5 ($ 9.99 – TV only) : A PlayStation 3 title released in 2009, this game plays incredibly well on the SHIELD. Plus, who does not like to relive all this horror action Resident Evil? Super game, especially for ten places.
Tomb Raider ($ 14.99 – TV only): This original story relaunched for Lara Croft was originally released in 2013, and it's the only 39, one of the best games in the series. Its SHIELD port plays smoothly and looks fantastic. Fantastic.
Borderlands 2 ($ 14.99 – TV and Tablet): Who does not like Borderlands? People who have not played it, that 's who. But if you have a SHIELD TV or tablet, you have to do it.
Borderlands: The Pre-Suite ($ 14.99 – TV and Tablet) : The thing I said earlier about Borderlands? This applies here too.

Games in the first person

I admit that first-person games are not usually my thing, but I have the appeal. If you're a first-person guy from … uh, nobody, so here are some games for you.

Gate ($ 9.99 – Television, Tablet and Cellphone) : This iconic first-person puzzle game was so far ahead of its time – in fact, it's all about it. was one of the launch games for SHIELD Portable. That really says something about the game that was one of the first things NVIDIA brought to the SHIELD platform. An incredible game.
Half-Life 2 ($ 9.99 – Television, Tablet and Laptop): I can not confirm or deny the existence of Half-Life 3 in any capacity that is, but I can tell you play Half-Life 2 on SHIELD. It's a classic.
Half-Life 2, Episode 1 ($ 7.99 – TV and Tablet): When you're done with Half-Life 2, you can play this one. This is not Half-Life 3, but it's the best you'll get.
Half-Life 2, Episode 2 (7.99 – TV and Tablet): One more to add to the Half-Life list. It's like the gift that keeps on giving … but still leaves you wanting Half-Life 3. Go understand.

Platform, Puzzle and Top-Down

This is certainly a somewhat fuzzy category, but it makes sense because there is one of each type. We have:

Trine 2: Full Story ($ 4.95 – TV and Tablet): This was the launch game for SHIELD Tablet and came pre-installed on the original units. It's a beautiful and immersive platform game that works exceptionally well on SHIELD. Plus, for $ 5, there is no reason not to have it.
Contrast ($ 9.99 – TV and Tablet): This is one of the most unique games on the list. This puzzle / platform allows you to move freely between the "real world" 3D and a 2D world of shadow to navigate through different challenges. It's a fascinating game.
Miami Hotline ($ 9.99 – TV and Tablet): If the delusional action is what you are looking for, Miami Hotline is your answer. This game is crazy.

There are many games available for the SHIELD platform, and this is by no means a definitive list. These are just a few of my suggestions on the best games you can play right now, each of these titles worth, in my opinion, the shot. But if you do not mind waiting for good deals, NVIDIA occasionally drops the price of vacations and other sales. Keep an eye on yourself if you are in this kind of thing.

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