The Best Cotton Candy Machines

Cotton candy is more than just a sweet snack; it is the vital element of our collective childhood. Whether you're planning a party, be nostalgic or crave a sweet snack, a cotton candy machine is an absolute must.

Like most snacks, cotton candy is a mystery. How do you make cotton candy? How much does a cotton candy machine cost? Do I have to work at a carnival to learn some cotton candy techniques thanks to an ancient trading system transmitted since the Middle Ages? It turns out that making cotton candy is easy and affordable. All you need is a cotton candy machine and sugar.

In reality, there are a ton of cotton candy manufacturers on the market, and some work better than others. That's why we took the time to find the best cotton candy machines, from table models to commercial behemoths. Do not forget that most of these machines do not contain sugar. You can get by using hard candies (like peppermint) for some great creations, but if you want to experience the real deal, you'll need to cotton candy sugar.

Best for Most People: Nostalgia Electrics Countertop Cotton Candy Maker ($ 30)

Put on those nostalgia glasses for a minute and come back on your childhood. You see smiling faces, flowers, carnival rides and a sweaty old man who is giving out a colorful cotton candy. Now take off those nostalgia glasses and have a look at the Nostalgia Electrics candy machine. This old machine can bring a sweet cotton candy childhood directly to the counter of your kitchen.

This affordable machine is easy to use and clean. And as it is surrounded by a steep plastic dome, you will not have to worry about dirtying your countertop. In addition, this cotton candy machine comes with two reusable cones and a plastic sugar spoon. So all you have left is to buy sugar. It is an excellent choice for light home use as it takes up little space but still offers an authentic cotton candy experience.

Best choice extra-classic: cotton candy manufacturer in carnival style table Nostalgie ($ 28)

OK, OK, you have us. This choice has the same guts as our best overall choice above. But if the 1950s Nostalgie Electrics candy maker's rubber machine aesthetic does not do it for you, then you should try the carnival style Nostalgia candy machine. Since cotton candy is often used for celebrations such as children's parties or baby showers, we could not resist adding this very old option.

Like the previous model of the Nostalgia brand, it sports a medium-sized dental floss bowl, can accept dental floss as well as hard candies and includes a dome protector and reusable cones. The real difference lies in the form factor: instead of an old-fashioned jukebox atmosphere, you get an old carnival mood – you know, without the expense of buying a real basket. However, if the basket is right for you, keep scrolling through the list.

Best all-in-one kit: Cotton Candy Express ($ 63)

If you want your cotton candy configuration to become like a hawk, then you should consult the Cotton Candy Express Set. It comes with a high-speed cotton candy machine, five sugar flavors and 50 disposable cotton candy cones. This machine is very similar to the Nostalgia Electrics and Nostalgia Cotton candy makers, except they look a little older and come with extra treats. Whether you're impatient or buying it as a gift and want to include everything in one shipment, it's hard to go wrong with this all-in-one package.

Ideal for Events: VIVO Commercial Cotton Candy Machine ($ 185)

If you are trying to make a ton of cotton candy for an event (or for yourself), you should consult the VIVO commercial cotton candy machine. This gentle beast can produce two to three servings of candy floss per minute, and its unadorned design is easy to clean and disassemble.

Even though this cotton candy machine is a dream to use, it's probably not something you'll keep on the kitchen counter (unless you're mad at cotton candy).

Best Premium Machine: Olde Midway Commercial Cotton Candy Trolley ($ 243)

Do you need a cotton candy machine for a party or are you out with a home theater without expenses? If you looked at the previous business model and thought, "If I pay a lot, it's better to come with wheels!", You should consider the Olde Midway cotton candy cart. This retro machine is cute and practical, so it's the ideal cotton candy manufacturer for large gatherings with many kids (or adulthood-loving adults).

The Olde Midway machine can produce two to three servings of sweet thread per minute, which is perfect for most festive occasions. And while it's a bit more expensive than most commercial cotton candy machines, it comes with an extra set of belts, three built-in candy floss cases and a removable 3-bin drawer.

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