The Best Couch Co-Op Games For the PS4

Competitive online games are fine, but if you have friends and want to play a game together, these co-op games can liven up your living room.

Minecraft ( 34 $ )

Minecraft is a mainstay of almost all known game platforms of man. Still, if you want to sit on the couch with a friend and enjoy a game at low pressure, it's hard to get bored in Minecraft. You can configure your console to play on the local split screen. ( This video explains how to install it.) You and your friends can collaborate to build what you want. Or ruin the stuff of each other. Why not?

Overcooked ( $ 20 )

If you've ever wanted to take on the exhilarating challenge of running a restaurant kitchen, you probably have not worked in a real life. Still, you might love Too Much Cooked. In this game, you and three other friends all control an employee in a restaurant. You all work together to prepare the ingredients, prepare the meals, prepare the dishes and deliver them to the waiting staff to send them to the customer. Also, you travel in time to stop a terrifying hungry monster. In a certain way it works. Make sure to choose your most cooperative friends to play with a smooth kitchen.

League of Rockets ( $ 30 )

Cars do not really behave in video games like they do in real life. Rocket League takes this and works with it. In this game, you control a car that can accelerate, jump in the air and turn around to hit a ball in the goal of the opposing team. If it sounds like playing football with cars, it's because it's exactly what it is. You and your couch mates can play local split-screen games or even put a team together to take online and compete with others.

Spelunky ( $ 15 )

Imagine an 8-bit version of Indiana Jones. Now put this Indy in a randomly generated side-scrolling mine and you have Spelunky. Similar to The Binding of Isaac Spelunky creates new levels every time you play, so you never have the same experience twice. In co-op mode, up to three of your comrades can join you, playing more characters in your adventure, teaming up to solve puzzles and fight enemies more easily with simple numbers.

Lovers in a dangerous space-time ( $ 15 )

It's hard to explain exactly what Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime is "clearly the best game." You and your couch partners play as crew members on a round boat that could possibly use a few more hands on the deck. When your ship is floating through the side scrolling levels, you and the rest of the crew have to run into different parts of the ship to control the thrusters, turrets, and lasers to move the ship, kill enemies, and avoid damage. The game focuses more on coordinating and managing tasks than on quick reflexes and purpose. If you think your friends can work together well enough, then give it a shot.

Keep talking and nobody explodes ( $ 15 )

In this game, a player tries to defuse a bomb, while several other players (in fact, as much as you can easily listen to at the same time) are all shouting instructions on how to defuse it. It's one of the most fun games you can play with a group of friends. So why is it at the bottom of the list? Well, unfortunately, there is a disadvantage. The PS4 version of the game requires the PlayStation VR headset . In all fairness, the game is great in VR. However, this makes it prohibitive if you do not already have the headset. If that's the case, download this game, call some friends and try very hard not to explode.

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