The Best Electric Skateboards for Commuters, Travelers, and Daredevils

A man riding an electric skateboard.
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Electric skateboards are wonderful toys, and they are one of the most practical alternatives to expensive cars or crowded public transportation. And, unlike ordinary skateboards, they won’t make you a smelly, clammy mess.

But buying an electric skateboard is more difficult than you might think. There aren’t many brands to choose from, and it’s not always clear why some boards are more expensive than others. So, let’s clean the air and let’s take a look at some of the best, safest electric skateboards available today.

What To Look For In An Electric Skateboard

Driving an electric skateboard is similar to driving an electric scooter. You don’t have to worry about kicks, manual braking or pushing to start your run. You just stand on the machine and use its controller to propel yourself forward.

That said, the electric skateboard controls your driving experience. You can’t go as fast or brake as easily as the board allows, and the lifespan of the board’s battery limits your driving distance. Before buying an electric card, I suggest you take a moment to think about how these specifications might interest you:

  • Speed: Most electric skateboards have a top speed of 20 to 25 mph, which is more than enough for the average person. Unless you’re a daredevil, you shouldn’t be too picky about speed.
  • Distance / battery life: Most electrical panels can travel 12 to 20 miles between each charge. This should be enough for your round trip to work, especially if you load the board during work. If you have to travel a long distance, the 30 miles Evolve GTR might be your best option.
  • Cut: Large electric longboards are faster, more durable and more comfortable than regular size boards. But they are also heavier and more expensive.
  • Controls: Electric skateboards operate by wireless remote control, which is much easier than using your feet. But it is also a bit dangerous, especially if the controller does not respond or if the braking system is too delicate. All of the boards in this article are known to have good controls, but if you plan on crossing traffic at maximum speeds, I suggest reading the reviews of a board before depositing any money. (If you want to avoid using remote controls, take a OneWheel + XR or OneWheel Pint.)
  • Comfort: Larger decks have a little extra flexibility and stability. Generally speaking, they are more comfortable for extended outings than standard size boards. Price is also a factor – premium boards are generally more comfortable than cheaper options.
  • Drive systems: Like RC cars, electric skateboards use small battery motors to move. But the engine design may vary between cards, and different models have different advantages. Most of the cards in this article use high quality belt drives that are quick, smooth, and easy to maintain. I will mention when a board does not use a belt drive and explain why you might be interested.

Now that we have reviewed some important specifications of electric skateboard, it’s time to dive in. Here are the best electric skateboards available today.

Best overall: Boosted Mini X Standard-Sized Board

A photo of the Boosted Mini X card.

Of all the electric skateboards on the market today, Boosted Mini X Consulting offers the best blend of quality, performance and accessibility. Like the other Boosted Boards, the Mini X has a comfortable deck, an intuitive controller and regenerative braking for ultra-smooth stops. It reaches a top speed of 20 mph and can travel up to 14 miles on a single charge. It also comes with a mileage tracking app and has three driving modes for people of all experience levels.

If you’re a fan of the Mini X specs but prefer a bigger, faster and more comfortable board, the Boosted Plus or Boosted Stealth are solid alternatives. Just know that they are more expensive and heavier than the Mini X, which already weighs 16.8 pounds.

Best budget: WowGo 3 Longboard

A photo of the WowGo 3 longboard

the WowGo 3 is an impressive electrical panel for its price. It has a top speed of 24 mph and a range of 14 miles on a single charge (or 20 miles on a charge if you spend $ 100 on a larger battery). It weighs only 17.2 pounds and has four speed modes for riders of all skill levels.

But the driving experience of the WowGo 3 is not as smooth or comfortable as what you will get with more expensive boards. Its wireless remote control is reactive, but its braking is not fluid. In addition, the WowGo 3 operates on hub motors, which are more rigid than belt-driven motors. That said, hub motors can be an advantage for some people because they require no maintenance (but they are more expensive to replace than belt drives).

Best Premium: Boosted Stealth Longboard

A photo of the Boosted Stealth Longboard

If you’re looking to splurge on a very high quality card, look no further than the Boosted Stealth. It is the fastest and most comfortable electric board from Boosted. It has a top speed of 24 mph and can travel 14 miles on a single charge, as well as five driving modes for people of all experience levels. In addition, it is made from a flexible wood composite that keeps the board at only 17 pounds, ensuring a smooth and smooth ride.

Like other Boosted boards, the Stealth has fantastic controls, great application and smooth, silky brakes. But it is very expensive. The cheapest Boosted Plus is a solid alternative to Boosted Stealth if you are ready to give up speed and quality.

One wheel, no remote control: OneWheel + XR

A photo of the OneWheel XR card.

Dizzy OneWheel + XR is a bit unusual, but it is one of the most exciting electric cards available today. Its one-wheel design works on or off-road and can reach maximum speeds of 19 mph. And because it uses a direct drive system, the OneWheel + XR works smoothly and requires almost no maintenance. Its battery allows trips of 18 miles on a single charge, and the OneWheel app records each mile you travel during the life of the card.

But for some, the best selling point of the OneWheel + XR is not its affordability or speed. It is the lack of remote control of the card. Instead, you control the board by leaning back and forth, eliminating the guesswork of acceleration and braking. Of course, if you’re not interested in self-balancing, the OneWheel + XR’s lack of remote control could be a problem.

If the OneWheel + XR is out of your budget, you can still buy the OneWheel Pint instead of. It’s a smaller, more portable version of the XR, and it sells for almost half the price.

Best off-road option: Evolve GTR Longboard

A photo of the Evolve GTR carbon fiber Longboard
To evolve

Off-road skateboarding sounds bad, but it’s so good. That’s why the Evolve GTR has had such an impact on the electric skateboard scene. It is a badass all-terrain board with a top speed of 24 mph and a range of up to 50 km. The GTR has a large, comfortable platform, responsive controls and the smooth braking you’d expect from a bike at this price. And like Boosted’s tables, it works with an app to track your statistics over time.

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