The Best Elliptical Machines for Home Use

Woman uses a Nordic elliptical trainer

Elliptical machines offer you the same cardiovascular exercise as conventional running, but without significant stress on your joints. These machines are a great way to do your daily workout while still being gentle on your body.

What makes a good elliptical machine?

  • Cut: Elliptical machines tend to be big enough. Many models can not be stored easily, although some may even fit under your desk. If space is a concern, consider a model that fits into your available space. Do not forget that the length of the stride of the legs can extend beyond the edges of the machine. So be sure to take this into account when determining the required space.
  • Orientation: Elliptical machines are available in front-drive, front-drive and center-drive models. Rear-wheel drive tends to be smaller but can vibrate and be stronger than a longer model. Front-wheel drive models are much quieter and more robust, but they tend to be very long and take up a lot of space. Center-driven models are more compact, but the overall radius of the pedals is longer due to its more natural stride than other types.
  • Technology: Modern elliptical machines are equipped with displays that show the progress of the workout, their intensity and most have sensors in the grips or chest straps to measure your heart rate when you use the device. High-end machines come with predefined exercises and applications that track your progress, some of which allow you to create custom workouts.
  • The intensity of the exercise: All machines are not equal. Some cheaper and smaller models simply can not offer enough resistance for intense training. A stronger, more robust machine is needed to perform more intense workouts without damaging the machine (or yourself).

The best total: Schwinn 470

Schwinn 470 elliptical exerciser

Whether you're training for a marathon or running your first mile, there's a brand that's been proven to help you Sch-WIN-n. The Schwinn 470 is the best elliptical trainer for most people. An incredibly rugged machine, it's a front-drive silent driver that does a great job of minimizing vibration. You can adjust the tilt and resistance with its easy-to-use buttons.

The Schwinn 470 features 25 magnetic resistance settings for intense workouts, tailored to your body. The computer in this model is also well advanced for its price with two backlit displays, multiple saved profiles, customizable workouts, and the ability to download your workout data to various phone applications. The handles have built-in heart rate monitors that display on the screen and even a 3-speed fan to keep you cool during your workout. If you're looking for an elliptical exerciser, you can not go wrong with the Schwinn 470.

The best choice

Schwinn 470 elliptical exerciser

Whether you're training for a marathon or a mile, there's a proven brand to help you, Sch-WIN-n. The Schwinn 470 is the best elliptical trainer for most people.

The best Premium choice: NordicTrack C12.9

NordicTrack Commercial 12.9

If you're looking for something more advanced, with all the benefits of modern technology, take a look at NordicTrack Commercial 12.9. This commercial grade elliptical machine is a premium product offering the most customizable workout experience. You can adjust the length and incline of the stride and the 26 levels of magnetic resistance allow you to mimic street conditions.

Browse real world locations with its 7-inch web touch screen. The trainer has a heart monitor in the handles, a Bluetooth compatible wireless heart strap and an iPod compatible audio system. You just have to connect and play while watching a coach iFit guide you in your training. With the feeling of running in the air or climbing a steep hill, this elliptical machine does it all and makes NordicTrack C12.9 our first choice.

The premium selection

NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial 12.9

Feeling like running in the air or climbing a steep hill, this elliptical machine does it all. Equipped with a web compatible touch screen, you can work anywhere in the world, while the NordicTrack C12.9 mimics the street conditions.

The best budget choice: SF-E3804

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3804 Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical machines can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and not everyone has a lot to spend on a weight machine. If you are looking for a more economical alternative, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3804 is the machine you need. This rear-drive elliptical exerciser features 8 levels of magnetic resistance and pulse monitors in the handles visible on the digital monitor. This machine has a shorter stride length, which allows you to use it in tight places and has wheels for easy movement. The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3804 has everything you need for a low impact cardio workout on your budget.

The best budget

The most compact machine: SF-E905

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Trainer

Everyone does not have room for a big elliptical machine, but do not worry: the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 is designed to fit even in every nook and cranny. This rear-drive machine can measure dimensions of 28 "x 17" x 57 "(length, width, height) and has an 11-inch stride length, making it the most compact normal machine on our list. size during and after use The trainer has pulse readers on the handles displayed on the small screen and you can choose between 8 levels of resistance.The SF-E905 is great if you run out of space, but the small machine means give up to many advanced features and stride length.This short film can be uncomfortable for some tall people.

The most compact

The best for your office: Stamina In-Motion

Stamina In-Motion elliptical exerciser

Perhaps you are looking for a way to do extra cardio while working at your desk or even watching TV. If this is the case, you can go under your desk or on a sofa or a chair. The Stamina In-Motion is a fantastic elliptical exerciser that you can use both sitting and standing. (You just stand on it and do what you want.) It has an adjustable tension button to provide a variable workout and a small monitor that tracks your progress and burned calories. This model is a great way to improve your traffic when you play or browse the internet. You have no reason to postpone your daily exercise without even having to leave the comfort of your couch to use it.

The best for your office

Stamina InMotion E1000 Strider Compact

The Stamina In-Motion is an incredibly portable exercise machine. Whether you are working at a desk or sitting at home on the couch, this floor unit will increase your circulation and give you a great workout.

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