The Best Power Strips for All Your Stupid Power Bricks

Power Strip with a whole lot of power bricksJosh Hendrickson

Power supplies are often so big that they partially overlap the adjacent outlets and make it difficult to connect all your equipment to a single power strip. Here are our favorite solutions for treating big caps.

It almost seems like every company is taking part in a secret competition to determine who can make the biggest power supply, which encourages consumers to find creative ways to plug them in as if you were trying to create a puzzle. The metaphor of the jigsaw is particularly appropriate when different cards have different orientations of cards that result in long, narrow cards covering several outputs of the band. Overall, it's a pretty frustrating experience just about everyone can relate to.

A word of warning

Before you dive into great solutions for your power supply blocks, a caveat is required before you connect everything you own to your new power strip.

It's not because you can plug a lot of things into one jack that you should. An electrical circuit can handle only a large amount of current, and if you end up plugging a lot of bulky devices into the same outlet, you risk overloading the circuit and tripping the circuit breaker. Or even worse, light a fire.

So before you get into the crazy parking of everything on the same power strip, take stock of your devices and determine if any of them consumes a lot of electricity (What matters to you here are the watts used by each device in the band.) Fill up like a space A heater or game computer consumes a lot of energy. cell phone (even a total power band) consumes very little energy.The real benefit of using these bands is not the ability to use 20 elements of high power at the same time, but to plug all your hardware at the same time so you do not crawl under your desk to unplug your printer so you can use your shredder.

Now let's take a look at our best choice of power strips to handle all these powerful bricks.

Bestten Heavy-Duty 24-Outlet Metal Power Strip ($ 48)

Bestten power stripBestten

If you want a power strip with the largest number of outlets, this Power supply 24 Bestten is your best bet.

It has an aluminum body, so it is ideal for a garage or workshop where it will be exposed to harsh conditions, but it is also ideal for occasional use in a home office where you have to plug many things.

The sockets are not separated from each other to make room for the power supply bricks, but the good thing is that there is still plenty of room to plug in many devices. So, even if a power block overlaps the adjacent jacks, you still have plenty of other jacks at your disposal.

And as you may have noticed in the photo, she is almost three feet long. So make sure you have a desk that's long enough to fit it, or anywhere else.

Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector with 12 Outlets and Output Pivot ($ 30)

Belkin Power StripBelkin

If you prefer to stick to a traditional power strip, but still want some flexibility (literally), Belkin Pivot-Plug Power Supply is a great option.

It has four fixed jacks for connecting standard power cords, and eight jacks that can each rotate 90 degrees so you can accompany your bulky power supplies without blocking adjacent jacks.

Oh, and it's also a surge protector, so you'll have this practical protection against spikes and electrical fluctuations.

APC 8-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip ($ 16)

APC power stripAPC

If you need something more compact, but still want enough space for your biggest bricks APC 8-way power strip will do the work.

It has three sockets spaced enough to easily insert your power bricks, as well as five regularly spaced outlets.

Moreover, it is the cheapest of the group. If you have a tight budget, $ 16 is a great price for a surge protector.

If you want to keep your existing power strip

Extensions of a footEtekcity

I do not blame you if you like your current power supply, it may be the incredible surge protection or just the overall quality you like. Anyway, if you want to use your existing power strip, this package of ten extensions of one foot for $ 22 will make room for your power bricks.

Basically, they allow you to plug your power blocks onto your power strip, but the 1 foot extension means these are on the side rather than being plugged directly into the block multi-socket and occupy valuable space.

This is a very simple solution for dealing with powerful bricks, and they are even great for coping with cumbersome cumbersome plugs.


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