The Best Privacy Filters For Your Laptop Screen

Whether you use your laptop for work or for your leisure in a public space, you want to avoid prying eyes. But you do not have to sit in a corner of the room, you just need a privacy filter.

In 2015, 3M and Ponemon conducted a study on “visual hacking,” a method for hackers to obtain usernames, passwords, and other confidential information by looking at people’s computer screens. on the other side of the room. It turns out that the method of “visual piracy”, which uses advanced technology, is a great success, and visual hackers can expect that their eyes get sensitive information with a success rate of 91%.

But it turns out that privacy filters are a method that requires little effort to protect you from “visual hacking”. That’s why they have become a must for professionals and privacy seekers. Laptop privacy filters are essentially polarization filters, similar to filters in polarized sunglasses. They prevent certain wavelengths of light from going in certain directions. However, while polarized sunglasses prevent penetrating light from entering directly into your eyes, privacy filters prevent any light from moving away from the left or right of the screen. your laptop. You can only see the screen when you are directly in front.

Okay, so you’re connected to Facebook in the middle of a Dunkin Donuts enough times to buy a privacy filter. But there are many different filters, and some of them may work better than others. Fortunately for you, we have taken the time to find the best privacy filters for everyone’s needs.

Before taking the lead, you must determine the screen size of your laptop. You can use InfoBylp or Google, the serial number located at the bottom of your laptop.

Privacy Filters Compatible with Adaptix Touch Screen ($ 25 and up)

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable privacy filter for your laptop, check out Adaptix’s filters. They come in a wide variety of sizes that should fit most laptop screens, and they are double-sided, so you can choose for your matte or glossy display. In addition, this screen will not affect the capabilities of the touch screen of your laptop, so you can get away from it.

The Adaptix Privacy Filter comes with two installation options. You can stick two brackets to the sides of your laptop screen, allowing you to install or remove the filter at any time. You can also paste the filter directly onto your laptop screen, which is a good option if you want your privacy filter to also play a screen protector role.

3M Golden Privacy Filters ($ 34 +)

Golden privacy filters are clearer than black screen filters. It is therefore easier to see what you are doing in certain lighting environments. They also reduce exposure to blue light up to 70%, a considerable benefit if you worry about how these night shifts affect your circadian rhythm. 3M offers golden privacy filters in a variety of screen sizes, including 14 “, 12.5” and 15.6 “, and has golden privacy filters for Macbook screens. Other privacy filters, you have the option to paste the filter directly on your screen or install two mounting brackets on the sides of your screen for easy application and removal.

These golden privacy filters may seem a bit expensive, but they are designed specifically for professionals who do not want to sacrifice quality for privacy. Not to mention, they are manufactured by a company known for its quality and innovation (adhesive tapes and Scotch tapes, among others).

Just keep in mind that golden filters are much brighter and reflective than standard black privacy filters, which some people might find distracting. These filters are also not very convenient for laptops with touch screens, which can be uncomfortable for anyone who usually uses the touch screen of their laptop.

Akamai Office Privacy Filters Black and Gold (over $ 36)

Akamai Office offers high-end privacy filters in black and gold. These filters are a bit thicker than most privacy filters, which is nice for people who work outdoors or in environments where a laptop may be slightly damaged. If you’re stuck between a matte privacy filter and a glossy privacy filter, you’ll be happy to know that all these Akamai Office privacy filters are reversible. One side is matte and the other is bright.

Unfortunately, Akamai Office privacy filters are not compatible with touch screens. But they are still interesting for those who need a durable and reversible privacy filter.

Lenovo Privacy Filters ($ 35 +)

Lenovo is one of the most popular notebook brands among professionals. It’s no surprise that Lenovo is partnering with 3M to produce privacy filters for every Lenovo notebook. These privacy filters are compatible with touch screens and generally adhere directly to your screen.

If you use a Lenovo laptop or if your employer has assigned you a ThinkPad, purchasing a privacy filter directly from Lenovo can save you a little time and imagination. Remember, they can be a bit expensive so it’s worth looking for brands like Adaptix if you do not want to break your piggy bank.

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