The Best Smart Bulbs For Your Amazon Echo

If you want to illuminate your home intelligently (figuratively and perhaps even literally), smart light bulbs are a great way to get around. Here are the best options to use with Alexa and Amazon Echo.

Smart wall-mounted switches are a good way to control an entire room with a single switch. Not only are smart bulbs easier and faster to install, you can also control individual bulbs and assign different brightnesses and colors (if any). In addition, smart light bulbs are the best tenants and / or those who do not have the knowledge to handle electrical wiring.

If you use Alexa frequently and want to control your lights with your voice via an Amazon Echo, here are the smart bulbs to consider.

Philips Hue

If you want to use smart light bulbs, the only good choice is honestly Philips Hue, because the light bulbs are easy to configure and the application is easy to use. Plus, it’s an extremely popular option, so there is a big community around Hue if you ever need help.

Light bulbs can be expensive, especially if you opt for color bulbs, but you can get a starter kit that includes two white bulbs and a $ 70 hub, which is fine. You can then buy additional individual bulbs anytime for 10 to 15 USD.

Hue lamps let you do all kinds of things, like setting timers and calendars, creating scenes, but also accessing advanced features such as the “holiday mode”. Your lights will turn on and off to simulate you being at home, even if you are not.

Hue bulbs also work very well with Alexa and Amazon Echo (they can even connect directly to Echo Plus without needing the Hue Bridge Hub). You can easily link them to your Alexa account, then use your voice to control lights – change scene, change color, adjust brightness and of course turn on and off the light. Be sure to give ampoules and parts a unique name to avoid confusion for Alexa, but then you can go to the races.

An option without hub: Eufy Lumos

We understand: everyone does not like having compact hubs everywhere. And with Philips Hue, regardless of the quality of the platform, you need a hub. If you prefer not to use a hub, you can buy Wi-Fi bulbs. Our favorite are Eufy Lumos bulbs.

These bulbs do not require a hub, but connect directly to your Wi-Fi network. Moreover, they are no more expensive than Hue bulbs, because you can get a basic soft white bulb for about $ 15. You can replace it with an adjustable white light bulb for only a few dollars more. Eufy also offers a colored light bulb.

In addition, Eufy devices work with Alexa, so you can link them to your Echo and control the bulbs with your voice. You have much of the same voice capabilities as Hue bulbs.

The only thing to keep in mind with Wi-Fi bulbs is that they are really great only if you plan to have some at home. Equipping the entire home with Wi-Fi bulbs will actually clutter your home network. Otherwise, it’s best to use a hub-based option, such as Philips Hue, if you plan to install smart light bulbs anywhere in your home.

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