The Best Titanium Keychain Tools

The Northwall Key Shape Multi-Tool, Northwall Multi-Tool Carabiner and Nite Ize DoohicKey Multi ToolNorthwall, Nite Ize

Are you tired of the fragile and unattractive keychain tools that clutter your pockets? Maybe it's time to switch to a lightweight and ultra-durable titanium keychain tool.

Just like stainless steel, titanium is durable and resistant to rust. It is used in industry, war and plumbing (very similar fields). But unlike stainless steel, titanium is ridiculously lightweight. For this reason, titanium is a popular material in the aerospace industry, the competitive automotive industry and, ultimately, the keychain tool industry.

If you've ever been disappointed with the weight and bulk of a standard keychain tool, it's probably time to adopt titanium. A good titanium tool can last a lifetime on your keychain, without weighing down or weighing down your pockets.

That's why we took the time to find the best titanium keychain tools in all shapes and sizes. All of these tools are special, but most of them are compact multi-tools that can be used for various applications.

Northwall 9-in-1 Multifunction Keyed Multifunction Tool ($ 15)

Northwall 9-in-1 Key Shaped ToolNorthwall

Looking for a small discrete titanium multifunction tool? the Northwall The key-size multi-tool can replace nine different tools without weighing down your pockets. This tool has a built-in bottle opener, four different key sizes, a flathead screwdriver, a cutter and, of course, a key ring.

This is an excellent product for people who hate bulky multi-tool knives and Swiss knives. It's elegant, it's durable, it's cheap and it can help you in a snap.

12-in-1 Multi-Tool for Northwall Carabiner ($ 25)

Northwall Carabiner 12-in-1 multi-toolNorthwall

If you are looking for a versatile titanium tool, stylish and practical, you should consult the Northwall carabiner. This lightweight tool includes a built-in ruler, seven key sizes, a flathead screwdriver and Philips, a bottle opener, a can opener, a hex screwdriver and, of course, a carabiner style latch.

MidSir Camping Multifunction Tool ($ 14)

Multi-tool camping MidSirMidSir

A camping holiday can be a good time for the family, provided you bring tools. If you want to be prepared for disaster (or oblivion), then you should consider seizing the MIdSir multi-tools in titanium.

This multi-tool includes a built-in knife, three key sizes, a wire cutter, a lever, a flathead screwdriver and a bottle opener. This keychain tool is handy in all situations, but it is especially useful when you need a quick fix or cut something, and your main tools are elsewhere.

Nite Ize DoohicKey Multi-Function Carabiner Tool 5 in 1 ($ 4)

Nite Ize DoohicKey Multifunction tool for carabinerNite Ize

If you are looking for a multi-cool titanium industrial style, you should check out the Nite Ize DoohicKey. This multi-tool carabiner includes a printed ruler, a metric ruler, three key sizes, a bottle opener and a flat-head screwdriver.

This tool is particularly useful for entrepreneurs, but it is also a dream for all users. In the end, you do not have to look for a wrench, a flathead screwdriver or a ruler. Plus, once you have finished fixing a desk or measuring something, you can open a cold beer.

TEC Accessories Pix TI TI Micro Flashlight ($ 40)

TEC Pixel TI Micro Flashlight accessoriesTEC Accessories

If you have ever needed a durable flashlight for the keychain, you should consult the Tec Pixel TI accessories micro flashlight made of titanium. This small, rugged device emits 25 lumens of light, but is roughly the size of a dollar coin.

Pixel TI batteries are easy to replace, but you should not have to replace them very often. LED lights make tons of mileage, especially when they are so small.

True Utility FireStash Keychain Lighter ($ 9)

True Utility FireStash Keychain LighterReal utility

Need a light? Whether you are camping or traveling, a lighter can be useful at a pinch. Instead of keeping track of a bulky Bic, you can grab the tiny, elegant True Utility FireStash lighter.

The True Utility FireStash lighter is built with a rugged titanium shell. So you can be sure that he is safe wherever you are. And since it's so small, you will not notice it, it will clutter your keyring. Do not forget that it is an old lighter, with a wick and a flint. Like a Zippo, the FireStash lighter will last forever, but it will take an occasional touch of TLC.

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