The Best Ways to Read News on Your iPhone or iPad

The iPhone and iPad are perfect for consuming information, whether it 's news or the latest news from your favorite sports team. The iPad, in particular, is perfect for relaxing and reading, and we'll tell you how to get the most out of it.

With the App Store jam-packed with new apps for your iPhone or iPad, it can be hard to know which one to download and in some cases to buy. With Apple offering its own news-reading application, Apple News, do you even need to try a third-party solution? We would suggest yes, and we'll talk about some of the applications we use to stay on top of what's going on around us, in many different categories.

Some of these applications will be free, and others will require fees. We will let you decide if reading the news is worth the money.

Let us in!


Feedly is an application and service that gained popularity when Google closed its Google Reader RSS service a few years ago, and with good reason. A free Feedly account offers you substantially the same functionality as the old Google reader. In addition, some applications available for iPhone and iPad allow you to read a pleasant experience. You can add your own sources of news. Feedly will also offer you some suggestions if you feel like it.

A free Feedly account allows you to access information from up to 100 sources, as well as to the iPhone, iPad and web applications, with ads inserted into your feeds . If you want to get rid of ads and add unlimited sources, consider the $ 5.41 monthly Feedly Pro subscription. If you read a lot, it's worth it and many other features are also integrated.

Download Feedly on the App Store


Nuzzel's approach is very different from other applications because it does not collect sources of information as such. Instead, he follows the people you follow on social networks and then posts the links they talk about. The more people talk about a link, the more important it is considered. Nuzzel will show you the link and all the people you follow and discuss it actively. This makes Nuzzel an excellent source of content because it means that you will invariably see links that you would not normally encounter. The bonus? Nuzzel is free.

Download Nuzzel from the App Store

Apple News

The Apple News app is available on all iPhone and iPad, which means that it is uniquely positioned to become the favorite spot for news. The application is probably the most pleasant of the group to use, which can say a lot for some people, including us. It's useless if the sources of information are weak and Apple has a lot of choices, it does not have all the choice available and you can not just give it an RSS feed and send it. Web sites must agree to support Apple News, which means that some sites and people you read are probably not available in Apple News. This can be a problem, as is the way news sharing since the application turns the URL into a special Apple News URL, making it useless for anyone who has not installed it.

Download Apple News from the App Store


A classic RSS reader that has existed for a long time, Unread is the application that many so-called iOS intensive users will push you to, and with good reason. It is a beautiful application, but sober. It departs and lets the content speak, which many competing applications can not say.

What makes us so huge fans of Unread is the fact that it is a good old-fashioned RSS reader, at the time of the early days of the App Store. This brings you to the content you want and immediately discards you so you can do what you've been doing: read words. To this end, many themes change the appearance of Unread, making it perfect for do-it-yourselfers.

Download Unread on the App Store


Presenting itself as a service for experienced users, Inoreader replaces RSS with associated applications, just like Feedly. What makes Inoreader so powerful is its ability to assign colors to keywords to differentiate them or to create filters to ensure that specific types of news articles appear together. . Would you like to see articles from multiple sources, but including the terms "iOS" and "RSS" in the same article? Inoreader is the application for you. You will need to create a free account to get started, but you will be able to login to the Inoreader app for iPhone or iPad and start creating filters for your heart's content. You can even combine the power of Inoreader with Unread to get the best of both worlds.

Download Inoreader on the App Store


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