The Cheapest Ways to Stream NBA Basketball (Without Cable)

I love the NBA basketball. Every year I really get excited at the beginning of September because I know that tips are coming. This year, I also had to understand how I will look at the Bulls (losing almost every game) with a combination of streaming packets. This is fun. And slightly depressing.

Fortunately, you can benefit from my research hours – I've done just about every step for every streaming package, so you can choose the one that works best for you. We are basically best friends, so I do not mind sharing it with you.

Before going into details, however, let's talk about who wears these games on normal television. Basically, the NBA is broadcast on five main channels:

ABC: The house of the final. You may not be watching a lot of games during the regular season here, but the finals are not something you're going to want to miss, especially if you're a Cavs or Warriors fan (for the next few years, any way).
TNT: NBA on TNT! This is as classic as the game itself. Basically.
TBS: Again, there are not many games here, but it happens, so you might want that.
ESPN: The de facto sports channel receives several NBA games spread throughout the year, so this is a must-have. In addition, you will get all kinds of additional NBA shares, such as highlights and specials.
NBA TV: This is a channel dedicated to nothing but the NBA basketball. Of course you're gonna want that.
: If you want to watch your local team (aka the city team where you currently live), many games are probably broadcast on local stations, such as FOX Sports Detroit for the Pistons, or NBC Sports Chicago and WGN-TV for the Bulls. You will probably have Google's TV program on your local team to find out which channels are broadcasting these games and then look for broadcast options for those channels. Not all local affiliates offer streaming, although, fortunately, you can make holes with an inexpensive television antenna .

But even if you choose a streaming bouquet containing all these channels, you will always miss several parts. There are 30 different teams, each playing 82 games in the regular season. This is a lot of games, and there is no way that each of them get a live broadcast. Especially if your team is, like my Bulls, bad. At least, I still have the Wolves, which is almost like watching the Bulls in blue and white at this time.

But I am misled. If you want all the games, the NBA League Pass will give you access to all the games that are not broadcast nationally or in your area. So if a game is available on the TV broadcast in your area, it will not be on League Pass.

This is still a ton of games that League Pass has, far more than you get with the channels above. They are just less high profile, or for teams out of your state.

In addition, the League Pass covers only the regular season. All post-season games are broadcast anyway on TV, so you will not miss anything if you choose the right streaming package.

So, with all that, let's talk about prices, starting with League Pass.

League Pricing and Dispatch Options

Since the League Pass is a must-have for fans of the NBA who never want to miss a game, let's start there. Since we have already talked about what League Pass does (and does not include), we can just enter directly into the dollars. Basically, League Pass is divided into three different packages with two pricing plans for each:

All teams + In Arena ($ 250 / year or $ 40 / month): This gives you access to the 30 NBA teams, as well as their indoor entertainment at halftime . There are no advertisements or advertisements during the breaks in the game, which is fine, I guess.
All teams ($ 200 / year or $ 29 / month): This gives you access to the 30 teams in each game, except for the black-out games mentioned above. You will have to deal with advertisements during game interruptions however, such as down time and halftime.
A team (120 $ / year or 18 $ / month): If you want to follow only a team, here is your package. Again, keep in mind that you will still not be able to watch your local team on League Pass, regardless of which package you choose, so this is especially useful for fans who are following an out-of-state team.

This is pretty simple. The price structure is pretty stiff if you ask me, but I buy it every year, no matter, no matter. I love the ball.

Fortunately, just about all platforms on the market are supported by NBA League Pass, so no matter where you want to air it, you probably can. NBA League Pass has applications on:

iPhone / iPad
Android Phone / Tablet
Apple TV
Android TV
Amazon Fire TV
PlayStation 3 and 4
Samsung Smart TV
Amazon Alexa devices with video
Apple CarPlay (audio only)

If you try to listen to something that is not on this list, I do not know what to say. This is just about everything, and even stuff that does not even make sense. The NBA really does it all.

Streaming TV packages for national and local games

So, what about the other channels we talked about earlier? [19459106] Hulu TV DIrecTV Now and on YouTube TV are also available in this format. Each of them has its own advantages, disadvantages, price structures and channels offered. You will probably also want to consider the other channels offered with each package, but it is up to you to decide. We're just talking about basketball here.

Sling TV

Sling TV is probably the most popular streaming service on the web and should offer most of what you want for streaming NBA. Here are the packages you will need:

Sling TV Blue: $ 25 per month for the package you get TNT, TBS, ESPN and ABC. The latter is available only in certain markets – you will need to search with your zip code to make sure you are in one of them).
Extra Sports: You will have to tie $ 10 more per month to get NBA TV, which in my opinion is worth it.

So, for $ 35 a month, Sling offers you most of the channels you need. You can also add a Cloud DVR service for a spot of five, if you are into this kind of thing.

Sling is available on the following streaming devices:

AirTV Player
Amazon Fire TV
Android (phone, tablet, TV)
iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV)

You can get more information or to register to Sling here . You can also find our Sling cover here .

PlayStation View

Sony PlayStation Play game, is more encompassing than all the others on this list, and it looks more like a traditional cable (if you are in that). It is also comparable to Sling in terms of price:

PlayStation Vue Core Package: For $ 45 a month, you get everything you need to watch NBA basketball (except for the league pass, of course). This is ABC, TNT, TBS, ESPN and NBA TV.

Of course, you can also opt for a larger package if you need other channels for things not related to basketball, but that is your call. The basic package is the most affordable available that covers everything we are looking at here. It is also important to mention that Vue comes with the Cloud DVR service cooked in this price of $ 45 per month.

View is available on the following streaming platforms:

PlayStation 3 and 4
Roku (firmware 7.1 and higher)
Amazon Fire Tablets and TV
Android (phone, tablet and TV)
iOS (iPhone, iPad and Apple TV 4th generation)

To learn more about the PlayStation Vue, direct here . Otherwise, read our review here .

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now can pretty much give you what you want, but as it is provided by one of the largest satellites on the planet, it is relatively more expensive than the others. Imagine that. Your choices here are:

DirecTV Now Go Big Package: For $ 60 a month you will get all the channels you need for NBA basketball. This is a fairly steep price, however.
DirecTV now live a little or just packages: For $ 35 or $ 50 respectively you can go with a small package and get everything except for NBA TV. This is your call, but I would just recommend going with Sling or Vue.

Of course, since DirecTV is owned by AT & T, you can also group and record . Do your research to see if this will work best for you in the long run. Personally, I hate bundled packages because I then have to engage in the business for a number of years, which is not something I do. But hey, the saved dollars are saved dollars, so that is you.

You can run DirecTV Now on the following platforms:

Amazon Fire TV
Android (phone and tablet)
iOS (iPhone, iPad and Apple TV)

You will notice that it not only has the highest price, but a smaller number of streaming device. Yes, I go out. If you are still in, however, you can get more information here .

YouTube TV

YouTube TV keeps things as simple as they come, with a single all-in package for $ 35 a month. The thing is, you will not receive TNT, TBS, or NBA TV with it. This is more than half the channels you want to watch the NBA games. Meh.

It is also available only for streaming on the web or via iOS and Android applications. It is not even available on set – top boxes at the moment. Ouch.

As I have already said YouTube TV is a good idea in theory, but this is pretty terrible in performance. Take care of time and do not even look at it. If you must, however, you can find more information here .

Hulu TV

Hulu has been doing his best for a number of years, but more recently he has entered the game streaming game . The packages are not terrible, and that is a fairly decent choice if you are already a die-hard Hulu:

Hulu TV: There is only one live streaming with Hulu, and that is $ 40 a month. You will get everything but NBA TV. Quite simple.

Hulu TV is available on the following streaming devices:

Amazon Fire TV
iOS (iPhone, iPad and Apple TV)
Android (phones and tablets)
Xbox One and 360

So, it is pretty decent and offers streaming on quite a decent number of devices. Not bad, especially if you are willing to live a life without NBA TV. You can find out more here here .

Phew, that was a lot, but I hope this will help my other NBA fans get the most out of their season and beyond. I mean, let 's be honest here: it' s not as if the Bulls were anyway on the Playoffs, so I do not even need to be careful after the regular season. At least, I can still watch Jimmy and Taj on the wolves. Sigh.

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