The Latest Emoji Kitchen Update is Serving Up Even More Emoji Combinations

New Google Emoji Kitchen mashup optionsGoogle

Gboard users are in luck: Google just updated Emoji Kitchen to include over 14,000 fun and silly emoji combinations, making it even easier to convey your very specific feelings. The update is available today for the beta of Gboard and will be rolling out to all Gboard users over the next few weeks.

Emoji Kitchen was first introduced earlier this year, but only offered a few hundred emoji combinations at the time. You were able to tap on an emoji and see a few selected models available to you. You will now have more control, as Emoji Kitchen will allow you to choose two smileys (with a few non-smiley options as well) and mix them up.

If you want to have fun, you can become a tester for Gboard beta today. Otherwise, you can download the smartphone keyboard app for your iOS or Android device and wait for the update to roll out within the next week.

Source: Google

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