The New AirTV Anywhere Adds Streaming and DVR Functionality to Local TV

A photo of the AirTV Anywhere OTA broadcast box with DVR functionality. Sling TV

Sling TV makes it easier to cut the cord with its new AirTV Anywhere OTA box, a device that allows you to stream and record live channels for free from your phone, laptop, smart TV or broadcast stick. AirTV Anywhere is available for $ 200 and does not require a Sling TV subscription.

AirTV Anywhere is better value for money than other popular OTA boxes, like the $ 250 TiVo Edge or the $ 230 Fire TV redesign. It comes with 1TB of built-in storage and can record or stream up to four channels at a time. Local channels and recordings appear in the Sling TV app alongside Sling channels, although free users don’t see or access paid Sling content.

Of course, you have to pair your AirTV Anywhere with a digital antenna, which could earn you $ 15 to $ 30 depending on its quality. I also suggest checking what local channels are available in your area before buying OTA TV equipment.

If you don’t want to lose $ 200 on an OTA Box, then check out AirTV 2 by Sling, which costs just $ 100 and lets you stream local channels to all of your devices. The AirTV 2 also has the same DVR functionality as the AirTV Anywhere, although you have to pair it with an external hard drive for things to work.

Source: Sling TV

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