The New Microsoft Edge Is Now “Ready for Everyday Use”

Chrome-based Microsoft Edge browser beta under Windows 10

You can now download the first beta the new chrome-based Edge browser. Microsoft is still working on it, but says it's "ready for everyday use." It is available for Windows 10, 8, 7 and macOS.

Like Joe Belfiore, Microsoft vice president of Microsoft, Microsoft written: "The beta is the third and last preview channel that will go live before launch." Here is the version to try if you want to play with the new Edge and want to enjoy a more stable experience.

The new Edge development process is similar to that of Google Chrome – not a surprise, as they are both based on the open-source Chromium project. Expect major beta upgrades every six weeks. New features must go through Canary and Dev channels before switching to Beta channel.

Make no mistake: this is the future of Windows browsing. And that looks a lot like Chrome. Microsoft has proven itself by integrating tracking prevention to improve online privacy, Internet Explorer mode for compatibility and Windows Defender Application Guard for the safety of the company. But a lot of the work done by Microsoft will make Google Chrome even better, as well. Everyone wins.

The new page of the new Microsoft Edge tab

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