The Next 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Cartoon Will Be a Netflix Original

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Sonic is an undeniable creature of the video game world, long considered Mario’s inter-company rival. But it has a history almost as long in cartoons and comics as it has in games: To date, there have been no less than five Sonic animated TV shows, plus the live-action movie. In 2022, the sixth will arrive on Netflix.

That announcement came from Netflix this week, in a tweet that has (oddly) since been deleted. The outline of the iconic speedster indicates a design in line with recent 3D video games, which is more or less unchanged from Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast.

Sonic had an interesting history on television: for the first time an American cartoon series, a Loony Tunes-style comedy, from DiC in 1993. Soon after, an Italian-American series, much more serious and ” serious, ”influenced a line of Sonic comics that continues to this day. DiC returned to the franchise with Sonic Underground in 1999, dubbing science fiction and storytelling. Strangely, the first and only Sonic animated series produced in Japan was the well-received Sonic X 2003-2006.

Sonic Boom, his first fully computer-animated series, returned to America on Cartoon Network in 2014. It was adored by fans, who appreciated its wacky dialogue and self-referential humor, and it was by far the longest-running Sonic series. 100 episodes. We remember him much better than his related games of the same name, who have been universally vilified by critics.

All of the Sonic cartoon series exist in their own continuities, referring to each other and games and sometimes borrowing elements and characters from each, but never officially intersecting. The Netflix series will likely work the same. It is produced by respected names in the cartoon industry: WildBrain (owner of an impressive number of children’s TV rights) and Man of Action, producers of Ben 10, Generator Rex and Zak Storm. The second live-action movie is also set to hit theaters in 2022.

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