The Oculus Quest 2 Is Shipping Now, Better Order Quick Before It Sells Out

Facebook unveiled the Oculus Quest 2 last September and promised a cheaper, lighter and more powerful headset. Now the $ 300 Oculus Quest 2 is here, and if you haven’t pre-ordered, it’s not too late to get your hands on it. At least not yet, but don’t hang around too long.

We’ve gone “head-on” with the Oculus Quest 2 here at Review Geek before, as our unit arrived yesterday. We can confirm that the VR headset is significantly lighter than the original headset and that games seem to run more smoothly in the short time we spent with it.

Right now, the biggest update, a 90Hz screen, doesn’t work in any games yet, but you can enable it in the home environment. This preview is very promising and it will be interesting to see when the game arrives.

The Oculus Quest 2 comes with controllers, batteries, a charging cable, and the headset itself. The new straps are more difficult to adjust than the original system, so you may want to consider taking the Elite bracelet, which promises to be easier to adjust and more comfortable.

At the last check-up, the $ 300 64GB unit and $ 400 256GB unit were in stock, but the original Oculus Quest was often out of stock quickly and for long periods of time. Facebook promises fewer shortages this time around, but if you want the best virtual reality without cables or gaming PCs, it’s best to Order now to wait and find out that it is too late.

Oculus’ Last Quest

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