The Philips Hue TV Sync Box's Latest Update Adds Voice Controls

Signify, the company behind the smart home brand Philips, has a new feature for its Hue TV sync box: voice commands. Before, if you wanted to turn on, off or change the mode, you had to take your phone out to control it. You can now ask Google, Alexa or Siri to make changes for you.

The Philips Hue Sync box is a luxury novelty in the world of the smart home. Connect it to your TV or other HDMI devices (up to four in total) and it will synchronize your Philips Hue lamps with everything you watch. Using the data from the video stream, the colors of your lights will synchronize with your program or film to add a more dramatic touch.

Signify has promised it will add voice commands to the box later this year in January, and it looks like the time is right. You’ll need to connect your Hue TV sync box to your Google or Alexa account, but once you’ve done that, you can turn the box on and off, switch modes, or start and stop a light feature.

It’s not just voice commands; the update also allows you to control the synchronization box with infrared remote controls and Logitech Harmony remote controls. So now you have several practical options to choose from. You will still use the app in the box to configure how the remote controls work, but after that you can practically give up control of the phone.

via Engadget

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