The PlayStation 5's Home Screen is Better Than the PS4's (Which Isn't Hard)

PS5 Home Screen Sony

There’s a lot to love about the PlayStation 4. The Home screen and Settings UI aren’t one of them. Sony used an entire blog post and an 11-minute video describing the interface on the upcoming PlayStation 5, highlighting enhancements and integrations with games and media.

The interface seems to have taken a few cues from the smart TV menus, but with a focus on advanced features that can be built in and out of the games you play. The Home screen divides everything into just two sections, Games and Media.

While you are playing a game, the main menu will switch to “Control Center” mode. At any time, you can bring up the main menu and see suggestions for quests or activities in your current game, as well as time estimates for completion based on your personal playstyle.

Supported games even include tips and videos to help you navigate them, which you can pin to the side of the screen as you play … but that’s only for active PlayStation Plus subscribers. The social features of the PS5 are full screen, with group chat available at all times and deep links to groups reachable from home screen maps.

Voice dictation is a highlight, saving you the trouble of using a keyboard or the inconvenient onscreen keyboard interface. But the home screen seems to dynamically change based on the last game you played, so unified themes are a thing of the past.

The PlayStation 5 releases November 12 … if you can find one.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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