The TheoryBoard is a Pricey Music Theory-Teaching MIDI Controller

TheoryBoard music theory teacher MIDI controller with specific color coded keysIrijule / Kickstarter

The TheoryBoard is a MIDI controller with two purposes: to teach you a bit of music theory and to help you compose and produce music. Its unique configuration between notes and chords allows you to play only the “correct” notes, even if you don’t have a lot of experience.

A quick note on Kickstarter projects: Kicstarters always has the potential that you may not be able to get the exact product you ordered or any other product at all. This team has a known history and has delivered their latest product (albeit a little late), but that does not guarantee that they will deliver the TheoryBoard. Back at your own risk

Sure you can learn music theory the old-fashioned way, attending formal classes or pouring out textbooks and exercises, but not everyone vibrates with this learning style. If you are more of a hands-on learner, this is a spectacular tool. It is also quite easy to use for children.

The MIDI controller has three separate sections: a 4 × 12 set of pads on the right side dedicated to each note in a particular scale, another 4 × 12 set of pads on the left side with each chord in a key and a touchscreen from the control panel in the center where you can change keys, octaves and modes, and adjust parameters. The 96 pads are velocity sensitive and have a luminous color code corresponding to a specific note.

The handy thing about the TheoryBoard is that you can also use it to create music without much knowledge of composition and theory. So in practice, if you want to save the melody for a song, just choose your key and “lock” all the notes and chords for that specific key.

What this really means is that this setup prevents you from playing a single detuned note. There are also plenty of keyboard shortcuts at the top so you can quickly switch keys or modes, and the controller supports both USB MIDI and TRS MIDI and works with any DAW and device. .

While the device does not offer comprehensive training in music theory like a course or textbook would, it is still a great resource. The only real downside to TheoryBoard is its extremely high price. Its expected retail price is $ 1199, although on Kickstarter there is an Earlybird promise price of $ 599, a 50% discount. The estimated delivery date for the MIDI controller is December.

Source: Irijule on Kickstarter via Engadget

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