The Ultimate Guide to Enabling Dark Mode Everywhere

Instagram in dark mode on an iPhone and an Android phone.
Justin Duino

were big fans of Dark mode, so we have written many articles on how to use it in various applications, browsers and operating systems. For your convenience, here is everything you can do in dark mode and how to do it, all in one place.

Operating systems


MacOs Mojave Overview details on a Mac.

Apple is coming out dark mode with Mojaveand we think it's great. Even in the overview, we thought it was better than the original dark mode in Windows 10– especially if you prefer dark gray to jet black.

Right now dark mode is available in Catalina, the latest Apple version of macOS, but if you haven't upgraded to Mojave yet, you can still get dark mode in High Sierra (sort of).

the Windows

The Windows 10 logo.

We may prefer the dark gray dark mode of macOS to the jet black version of Windows, but Microsoft arrived first. It is not as respected by applications as the dark mode of macOS, in part because Windows has a larger ecosystem of application developers and in part because Microsoft has not updated update its default applications – or Office – at the same time to activate the dark mode.

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The Ubuntu logo on a desktop.

If you are using Ubuntu or any other Linux flavor with the GNOME Shell desktop, you can activate several themes, including the dark ones. You can even make your Linux distribution look like Mojave's dark mode.

iOS / iPadOS

The iOS Night Shift button on an iPhone.
Khamosh Pathak

Since iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, iPhones and iPads have their own dark fashions, which are respected by most applications. Unlike macOS, these have a real black background. We are concerned with whether Apple ever incorporates mobile and desktop user interfaces.


A hand holding a Samsung Galaxy S8 with the touch screen to display the time and date.
Pakfones / Pixabay

Android is tricky because manufacturers implement things in different ways. Google introduced dark mode in Android 9 (officially known as Android 9 Pie). If you have a Google Pixel handset, you will find a dark mode option in Settings> Display> Advanced> Device Theme.

If your phone is from another manufacturer, there is no guarantee that it will implement the dark mode option. Even if that is the case, the functionality might be somewhat different from what we have covered so far.

For example, on Huawei phones you will find the dark mode in Settings> Battery> Darker interface colors, while on Samsung Galaxy devices it is in Settings> Display> Night theme .

You may need to do some research to find the dark mode on your device, but if it is running Android version 9.0 or higher, it should be there.

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The Google Chrome logo.

From Chrome 73 (macOS) and Chrome 74 (Windows), Chrome automatically use the dark mode of your operating system. If you want to use Light mode for your operating system, but want to get rid of the bright whites in Chrome, you can force him to use dark mode, no matter what mode macOS or Windows is in.

Dark mode also works in Chrome on Android, iPhone and iPad, and it is activated automatically based on the operating system's default settings.


The Firefox logo.

Like Chrome, Firefox respects your macOS and Windows Dark mode settings, but there is also a specific setting for activate dark mode only in Firefox.


The Microsoft Edge logo.

Unlike Chrome and Firefox, you must manually activate Edge Dark Mode. If you are using preview versions of Chromium Edge – the Microsoft version that will be released soon based on Google's Chromium engine – there is a experimental function that you can activate to get dark mode.

Hopefully this will respect the Windows dark mode setting at some point. For now, however, we'll just activate it manually.


If you enable dark mode on your operating system, most browsers recognize it and do the same on any website that supports it. For websites that don't support it yet, there are an extension in Chrome and Firefox It will help.

Here's how to turn on dark mode on some of your favorite websites.


The YouTube logo.

YouTube is a Google website, which means there is more white than you can shake. Here's how to make your next video session a little more comfortable on your eyes.


The Slack logo.

Everyone’s favorite chat app massively customizable color palette. However, if you prefer dark mode, Slack has an integrated.


The Gmail logo.

The more Google means the more blinding white. Save yourself from snow blindness with Gmail dark mode.


The Outlook logo.

If you use Outlook web app for email, you can protect your sight with this dark theme.


The Hulu logo.

A good movie or a bulimia session is better in the dark. Fortunately, Hulu has a dark mode for its web application.


You may not want – or won't be able to get – dark mode everywhere, but here's how to activate it in some of the most popular apps.


The Slack logo.

We mentioned Slack above in the Website section, but you can make the same changes in office and mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android.


The Microsoft Office logo.

the Dark mode in Office gives all of this Dad's applications productivity suites in the workplace a much nicer shade. Microsoft also added its dark mode in Office for Mac, as long as your machine is running Mojave or later.

Last but not least, Microsoft also a dark mode for his Outlook mobile application.

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app on eight smartphones side by side.

If you spend a lot of time on Facebook and also use a smartphone, you probably also spend time on Facebook Messenger. Here's how to activate Messenger Dark Mode and save your tired eyes.


A dark mode Twitter feed.

There is so much scrolling that your eyes can stand. Activate Twitter Dark Mode and bring another set of videos of cats, memes and arguments with people you will never meet in person.


The Reddit logo.

Reddit took its time to publish a mobile app, but it quickly jumped on the Dark mode moving train. When you activate this feature, you can browse the sub-adjustments to your heart's content and in comfort.

Android keyboard

Android keyboard

If an app is in dark mode, but you have to type on a blinding white keyboard, it can be a bit discordant. Fortunately, you can change your Google keyboard to dark mode and stop blinding yourself.


Dark mode is not limited to apps and your computer or smartphone: you can also activate it on some of your favorite smart and streaming devices.

Echo Spot

The Echo Dot interface.
Craig Lloyd

The echo points are small and unobtrusive, but the bright and shiny interface can have the opposite effect, especially if it's in your room. If you want to make your Spot even more discreet, you can activate dark mode and reduce the brightness that disturbs sleep.

Apple tv


Who doesn't love dark movie credits followed by a bright white blank screen? Everyone, that's who. If you have an Apple TV, you can activate dark mode and save yourself the pain.

Do you have a favorite app or website that we haven't covered here? Let us know in the comments, and we'll do it!

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