This Clever Site Turns Any Song into a Hand-Washing Routine

diagram showing how to wash your hands while singing the lyricsLook, you don’t need a sophisticated web-based lyric generator to create a custom handwashing PSA based on your favorite song. You just want it. Trust us.

If you’ve heard advice on how to wash your hands well, one thing stands out: people don’t wash their hands long enough. The classic advice is that you better lather long enough to sing your way through Happy Birthday. Twice.

That’s fine, but Happy Birthday isn’t a crowd favorite, even at birthday parties, so there’s no shame in wanting to sing a different song. Of course, you can just sing whatever you want to sing for yourself. But this incredibly smart online tool …Wash Your Lyrics– take any song you want and turn it into a PSA style poster showing exactly how the lyrics of your chosen song align with the proper hand washing steps.

the steps to add the lyrics of your favorite song to the handwashing scheme

To test the question, we chose the song Piano Man by Billy Joel. It moves slowly and seems to be a perfectly cold song for washing your hands. (If you’re more of a boxing movie hand wash, maybe try Eye of the Tiger, that one was fine too.)

Did it work? Absolutely. If you wash your hands at the start of Piano Man and sing the song at its original rhythm, by the time you hit “Well, we’re all in the mood for a melody”, you’ve just washed your hands for 45 seconds.

It will actually take you 48 seconds, however, because only a monster would stop on this line and not finish with “and you made us feel that everything is fine”.

Want to see what your favorite song looks like on the other side of the generator? Take a tour here.

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