This CPSC's 2020 Fireworks Safety Video Is like a Wacky 1980s Montage

Screen capture of an American CPSC security video.US Commission for Consumer Product Safety

Look, fireworks safety is important and we really hope that you arrive next week with all your fingers. But if you don’t, wear at least one GoPro like these firework crash test dummies.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) really wants you to have a safe July 4th. To that end, they just released a safety video showing you how bad things can go wrong when you handle fireworks badly.

And while the safety of fireworks is a serious matter, the resulting video – thanks to a kind of discreet camp combined with the absolutely fantastic synth music of the 1980s – ends up looking more like a montage of Flight of the Navigator mixed with explosives and less with a security video.

But hey, maybe that’s part of the genius – because we’ll be damned if we haven’t watched every second of the video. So if you show it to the kids, be sure to explain, “Yes, the explosions are great. Yes, they really blew up this man in polystyrene. Yes, this music is incredible. But there’s nothing funny about lifelong injuries, so imagine your noggin is this watermelon and think twice before being stupid this weekend.

And, while you’re at it, if you plan on setting off fireworks this weekend be sure to check out the CPSC page on fireworks safety with advice on the safe handling and disposal of fireworks.

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