This GameCube-Style Dock Gives the Switch Upgraded Ports and Bluetooth

Gamecube Dock for Nintendo SwitchBrook accessories

If there is one thing that Nintendo fans love, it’s wondering which Smash Bros character should add next. But if there are two things they like, then the next one makes the new Nintendo systems look like the old Nintendo systems. A dock to come does this (sort of) for the switch, while adding new capabilities.

The Brook SW Dock Power-Bay is one of the many reshuffles from Nintendo’s awkward docking station for the original switch, which reduces all that plastic to something more like a standing phone charger. But this one does it while looking like a small, flattened GameCube – note the stylish lines on top, the white port bay on the front, and the teensie-weensie carry handle on the back. Anyone who remembers their boxy boyfriend from the early 2000s will want to press the eject and power buttons.

But this docking station is not only an aesthetic upgrade from Nintendo’s, it also adds additional capacity. In addition to moving two USB ports to the front of the device for easy access, you can connect two original GameCube controllers (still popular with Smash Bros fans). The dock also includes Bluetooth audio that Nintendo still refuses to activate on the Switch for certain reasons. There are also thoughtful design choices: this handle can detach from the back and attach to the bottom, supporting the dock at two alternate angles.

The SW Dock Power-Bay is on sale in June for $ 55. It’s expensive compared to third-party docks, but still much less than Nintendo charges for a second dock.

Source: Book accessory via Gizmodo, Nintendo Life

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