This Is What Happens When You Ask Google Home to Get Spooky In a Smart Home

Google Home

With Halloween at your fingertips, Google Home wants to set the mood in your home. If you have smart lights, a Chromecast, a Google Home, or a combination of these two items, tell Google Wizard “Let’s be scary” and watch the sinister spirits grab your living room

In the video above, I have two Philips Hue lights, a NVIDIA SHIELD connected to my TV and a Google Home speaker (off-screen). This video was taken the first time I used the command and without any additional configuration, Google could start cycling on my lights, play a YouTube video and a music track from the House. This is perfect as a quick and easy way to set the mood for your Halloween party this month.

Google Home
Google Home

Important Notes:

Individually, these tasks are not so impressive. Put together, Google clearly demonstrates the ability to perform multiple actions from a single command, a feature Google teased at its hardware event earlier this month.

This is not the only Halloween themed thing that the Google Wizard has picked up either. Open Assistant on your phone, tablet, or Google Home and try one of the following:

Ok, what should I be for Halloween? This command begins a funny game that asks you a series of questions and then suggests a costume. Play with the children.
Ok Google, how to get rid of monsters? Google has amazingly creative methods to get rid of the various ghouls, creatures and monstrosities that you are likely to encounter on All Hallow’s Eve.
Ok Google, make me scared. You should just try this one for yourself.

At the recent Pixel event Google said it planned to create more fun games and commands for kids. This lot already provides that. Now, if only Wizard could order holy water on Google Express, we would all be ready.

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