This 'Roblox' Coding Challenge Teaches Kids Video Game Animation

Roblox Build It Play It summer coding challenge for kids interested in video game animationRoblox

The new Roblox “Build it, play it“The Summer Coding Challenge teaches kids how to design and animate a video game. The challenge runs until July 31, 2020 and features easy-to-follow instructions that will help kids animate an avatar however they want, totally from scratch.

Children will need to download Roblox Studio (Free) before you start (available for PC and Mac) and create an account. Then, they’ll select the tutorial that best matches their level of coding skill, ranging from beginner to advanced. Roblox welcomes children who have no previous coding experience, as well as those with a little more experience who want to improve their animation skills. The tutorials offer step-by-step instructions and contain helpful instructions and graphics. There are even in-game rewards for those who pass the coding challenge.

Once they have perfected their animation, they can submit it to the Victory and Celebration Animation Contest, which ends July 31. Winners will be chosen based on their originality, quality and adherence to the theme of the celebration, and they will be featured in the official Island of Move game from Roblox.

Source: Roblox via Lifehacker

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