This YouTuber's 'Titanfall' Style Grappling Hook Pulls You up a Tree in Seconds

A man at the top of a climbing wall with a grappling hook on his arm.
Built IRL

Whether it be Fall of the Titans or Batman, the grapples that you point, pull, and then carry have been in our collective mind almost always. But the reality is much harder to realize than video games and comics make it appear. Now a dubbed YouTube channel Built IRL has a made almost practical. Almost.

If you think of the small portable device as shown in Batman: The Animated Series, go back a bit on your expectations. For one thing, these grappling hooks seem bigger on the inside, given that they’re about the size of a smartphone and pull enough rope to climb a tall building.

The JT grapple, from Built IRL, has to cope with real world physics. But all things considered, it’s surprisingly small and self-contained. You wear it on your forearm and you won’t need an external battery or even a separate device to pull the hook. He developed it over a year, starting with an internship at the Hacksmith Youtube channel.

And this grappling hook goes way beyond most other idea attempts. It can lift and bring you down, you only need one unit to pull and climb, and it contains the rope. This last detail probably limits the length of the rope, but JT still manages to climb a tree and at the top of some climbing walls. And more importantly, it does it in seconds instead of minutes unlike other grapples.

The channel has a full set of creative videos explaining how JT designed the thing, and he’s already working on a Spider Man web shooter too. But if you just want to see the glorious end results, check out his latest video. He’s probably the closest to you to feel like a superhero.

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