TicPods Free Review: Incredibly Comfortable Earbuds with Fussy Controls

Cameron Summerson

The TicPods Free headphones are truly $ 130 Mobvoi wireless headphones, and they are really good. In fact, they are close to perfection: they are practical and comfortable. Despite weak gesture controls and weak bass, I still love them.

Design: small and practical

Let’s talk about design because it’s probably my favorite thing about TicPods. They are just so practical. Like just about all the truly wireless headphones on the market, they come in a small, easy-to-load pouch for a pocket. That means you can take them wherever you go.

Apart from that, they connect incredibly easily. They go into pairing mode as soon as you remove them from the box for the first time. They are paired with your phone and they will connect instantly each time thereafter. By the time they reach my ears, they are already connected and ready to go. So fast.

TicPods in the palm of my hand
Too red to your liking? Do not worry, they also come in white and navy blue. Cameron Summerson

That alone has made me my favorite earphone for as long as I review them. I have several devices (wired and wireless), but I’m looking for TicPods about 90% of the time when I need a few speakers. They do not sound as good as the others, which we will discuss in detail below, but the convenience cancels all the compromises. All.

Of course, they are not perfect. The case loads the buttons when they are in it (so they always come out full, if the case is not dead), but there are not enough options to inform you of the charge level of the case or atria. There are two parameters:

  • Stay green: More than 10% charge
  • Turn signal Red: Less than 10% charge

Yeah that’s it. It’s rather horrible. For example, go, Mobvoi, leave me an intermediate option: flash in green for 10 to 49% or something like that. This shit all or nothing does not cut it. I do not want to know that my buds are almost dead before realizing that I have to load them.

Fit and comfort: like gloves for holes in the ears … or something else

A wise man once said that truly wireless earpieces are only good and comfortable, which Mobvoi should be concerned about with the TicPods Free (hereinafter simply called “ticpods”). Right out of the box, these jokers appeared in my ears as they were designed to live there.

TicPods next to the case
Cameron Summerson

Since not everyone will have the same experience, TicPods come with two sets of silicone tips. They come with the bigger of the two default games (which should work well for most people), but the smaller ones should be helpful if you are one of those little ears. With your cute little holes in the ear.

I wear the TicPod quite often since I have them. I carried them by mowing the yard, shopping, sitting at my desk, walking in the park, and during workouts. I carried them 10 or 15 minutes at a time and two or three hours at a time. But no matter what I did, one thing was clear: man, they are so comfortable.

They stayed very well in my ears most of the time and they sort of disappeared. They are Great as if they were not there. This is good. And again, they are comfortable. Maybe the most comfortable ear buds I’ve ever worn. This is of course quite subjective, but it deserves to be mentioned.

Although they stayed pretty good in my ears, they sometimes slipped a bit and required a quick readjustment, mainly during challenging and sweaty workouts. Logic.

Features and use: good fit with difficult gestures

Although wearing the TicPods was a great experience, their use was a little trickier than most others because of gesture-based interactions.

By default, there are a few key things:

  • Swipe up and down to control the volume; it works on both sides.
  • Double tap to skip tracks; it also works on both sides.
  • Long press the left button to pause.
  • Long press the right button to display the Google Assistant.
  • Automatic ear detection to pause / play music when you remove / insert the buttons.

These are very useful, but they are far from perfect. On the one hand, they are not customizable. I would like love One way to change the assigned command for a given gesture – for example, I want a double-click on the left button to go back one track and the right button to go forward. In the current state of things, double tap one of the buttons to skip the track. It does not make much sense to me.

TicPods lying on the OnePlus 6T
Cameron Summerson

Secondly, when I need to adjust the ear buds, the setting is often interpreted as double support and the playback track is ignored. Let me tell you: it’s a lot more frustrating than it should be, mainly because it happened to me about 70% of the time. Irritant.

Third, the long press function on both heads is a simple waste. It takes about 1.5 seconds longer than it should: you feel like you’re holding it. forever. It’s so insignificant to emphasize it, but the gesture of grip should not take more than 1.5 seconds in total, but at three seconds, the double. And although I also realize that three seconds are do not For a long time, you feel like you’re spending a lot of time putting your hand on your headset so the music stops. It’s just a crazy gesture and I’d rather be able to turn it off.

This is my biggest complaint with the TicPods. I would like there to be a way to change, modify or disable gestures, especially on an individual basis. But even in the Mobvoi app, it’s not possible. And it’s frustrating.

Sound quality: I mean, it’s good

If I had to choose the biggest disadvantage of TicPod, it’s the sound quality. Not because they sound wrong, simply because they suffer from the same problems as other truly wireless buds: they have very little bass response.

I understand that bass is not everyone’s cup of tea, and it’s cool, but all the music needs some low. Your brain does not have to be shaken, but bass is what gives music the fingerprint it most often needs – the low end that defines certain genres, even. But with TicPods, you’re not going to have that; some frequencies do not even register on these little guys. It’s a disappointment.

TicPods in the case
Cameron Summerson

Honestly, it makes sense. There is not a lot of technology in this type of headset, which leaves room for bigger drivers. The result is, you guessed it, less bass.

Now all this aside, the TicPods make have excellent audio clarity. They may lack bass, but that does not mean they are sharp or even tiny: they have a clear and defined sound quality that is excellent once you have gone beyond the “where’s the bass” problem. That’s why I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a truly wireless headset set to store your headholes.

Another advantage is that they are some of the few earphones I have ever worn in my life and where I can still converse with humans in the same room as me. They do not block my ear canals to the point that everything that does not come from the buds is muffled and terrible, so I can still hear people talking to me. In another fun twist, I can also talk to these people, taking advantage of what is called “conversation”. All this without taking my headphones out!

They also work very well for telephone conversations. I’ve always hated wearing headphones (or anything that suppresses noise) when I’m talking on the phone because I do not hear well enough. I seem choked in my head and I can not stand it. But since TicPods do not block my hearing too much, I can talk to them. I like it, because it makes them very useful for long conversations or video chats, among other things.

Conclusion: despite the defects, I like them

TicPods case
Cameron Summerson

As much as I like headphones that have an excellent low end, which I’ve many two pairs, wired and wireless – I always find myself looking for TicPods about 90% of the time when I need headphones. Why? Because they are so practical.

And that’s what can not be overstated here: the convenience of truly wireless headphones is the true value. It’s not the sound quality. In the case of TicPods, it’s not even comfort (although this is an important selling point for me): they are so easy to use. The case is small, so I can easily throw it in my pocket and carry it everywhere with me. They connect instantly. No activation / deactivation; no waiting for a connection. No cables to mess up. They work quickly and instantly. And they disconnect as quickly and easily. Not to mention the $ 130 price, they are cheaper than even the most affordable AirPods, which start at $ 160.

But at the end of the day, comfort and convenience are the hallmarks of truly wireless headphones, for which TicPod excels.

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