Tribit StormBox Review: Pint-Sized Powerful Sound


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Price: $ 49.99

45 mm tribor stormbox speakerSte Knight

Tribit’s StormBox speaker is the latest device marketed by the company. Packing impressive sound in its tiny chassis, Tribit has produced a speaker that remains portable while delivering these very important sonics.

Here’s what we like

Small and light
Very portable
Great sound
Bass boost

With the Maxsound + and the XSound Go With the Bluetooth speakers already under his belt, I put the TribBox StormBox to the test to see what it was capable of. I was not deceived.

A Slimline Soundbox

The first thing you will notice when you remove the StormBox from its packaging is its small, slim figure. It’s a small, slender device and at only 7.08 x 2.68 x 2.68 inches, it takes up minimal space wherever you decide to place it.

The main body of the speaker is covered with a familiar black speaker mesh, with the Tribit brand on the front, neatly tucked under the large control knobs. There is a “volume +” button and a “volume -“, represented by their respective white rubber mathematical symbols. There is also a multi-function button in between. Each button makes a satisfying click so you know you have activated it.

stormbox tribe playing music from a smartphoneSte Knight

The multifunction button has a number of operations depending on the gesture you use. Play and pause are controlled with a single click of the button. To go to the next track, it is a double-click, while a triple-click will play the previous track.

You can also answer calls with the multifunction button. A single click answers and ends a call. The dismissal of the appeal is simply a matter of two pressures. Press the button to activate the voice assistant on your smartphone.

back panel tribit stormboxSte Knight

Take a quick tour of the back of the StormBox and you have the power button, which lights up when the speaker is on. When lowering the unit, there is a four-point battery indicator, below which is the Bluetooth connection button. Below is the XBass button to increase the bottom. Finally, there is the rubber cavity which houses the auxiliary socket and the micro-USB port to power the device.

The top and bottom of the speaker are covered with sturdy rubber bumpers, which will protect the speaker itself if you drop it, while also protecting the branded 45mm speakers that are found at each end of the device.

There is also a rubber carrying strap that connects to the top of the speaker. It is ideal for carrying the device in your hands, hanging it on a hook or removing it quickly and easily from your backpack. Suffice it to say that the overall appearance of the speaker is fairly standard when it comes to portable devices, but that doesn’t detract from the overall aesthetics of the StormBox.

Take it everywhere with you

tribit_strap_in_useSte Knight

As I mentioned, the StormBox is eminently portable. Weighing just 1.2 lbs (535 g), this is a fairly light speaker considering the volume it is capable of producing. This means you can put it in a bag (it should even fit in a side pocket if your backpack has one). You can even use the carrying strap to attach it to the outside of your bag for sound on the go!

Because he has a IPX7 waterproof rating, taking the StormBox to the beach, the park or just around the pool, it won’t be a problem. The speaker can withstand temporary immersion in up to three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about a sudden downpour or if your speaker decides to take a dip with you. You can even use it in the shower.

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you are free to move up to 66 feet from the device without interrupting the connection between your smartphone and the speaker. It gives you even more freedom when you enjoy your music. I tested this range in an outdoor space and found it to be approximately correct.

Tribit suggests that the battery can extract about 20 hours of playback. There is however a caveat to this. As with all portable Bluetooth speakers, it depends on the playback volume and audio content. So if you listen to a lot of music at full volume, you won’t get that kind of battery performance.

I played different DJ mixes, in several styles, from SoundCloud for five hours while I was working. At around 60% of the volume (which is still quite loud), the battery indicator had dropped by one light, so I would say that the battery lasts for the 20 hours claimed by Tribit, with reservations.

It is also possible to daisy chain two speakers via a smartphone. This means you can enjoy 360-degree sound in multiple rooms or amplify the sound in a room using the two separate speakers. Unfortunately, I could not test this function because I did not have a second StormBox to connect.

So how does it sound?

tribor stormbox with smartphone playing musicSte Knight

When I unpacked the StormBox and noted its small frame, I did not expect the sound to be as good as it was when I started to play music there. On my way to my test playlist, I force-fed the speaker Danny Brown, The hypnotist, Ghost BC, and Michael Aryapetyan. This gives the speaker a wide range of sounds to tackle and helps a lot in evaluating the device.

Throughout the test playlist, I never once noticed the 360-degree sound of the StormBox. The treble sounds nice and clean, without the tiny sound with which some portable speakers ruin your high end. The mediums are clear and well-defined too, which is ideal for music with lyrics as they operate in the mid-range.

Bass, however, is where the StormBox really stands out. Now I like my bass with a lot of depth and even on its default bass setting, it was capable of delivering a rich low end. However, a quick click on the XBass button and the bass opens almost cavernously.

Despite this accentuation of the bass, the bass remains clear and does not dominate the midrange or treble. The two 45mm speakers flicker in an extremely pleasant way when the music is playing at full volume and XBass is active.

Should you buy one?

tribit stormbox swithed offSte Knight

If you want a relatively unadorned portable Bluetooth speaker that really delivers impressive sound, then the Tribit StormBox should be flying into your basket as we speak. Its waterproof rating and its range of 66 feet make it an excellent portable starter for a price that will not tear your wallet.

The Tribit StormBox is a fantastic little speaker and is highly recommended here. If you want to do some shopping before making a decision, check out our guide to best bluetooth speakers for your bathroom.

Evaluation: 9/10

Price: $ 49.99

Here’s what we like

Small and light
Very portable
Great sound
Bass boost

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