Trying to Break Your Phone Habit? Shut Off The Notifications

woman checking notifications on her phone and tablet while she was sitting in front of her laptopArtie Medvedev / Shutterstock

If you are addicted to checking your phone, you are not alone. It's difficult, but you have to take a break from time to time, here's how to make it less attractive.

When your phone continually strikes you to let you know when people are texting you and commenting on your social media posts, you feel like an additional appendix. You can suffer from FOMO (fear of missing) and part of the treatment is to disable notifications. Disabling notifications can not force you to leave your phone in your pocket or purse, but it will reduce the dopamine rush you get the thrill of new things, like fun memes and the likes of social networks, announces the notification.

Phone notifications give you a rush to dopamine. Delete the notification, delete the reward that reinforces the habit you are trying to break.

If you are concerned that you will not receive emergency calls, you can turn off notifications for individual text messages and social media sites without disabling your ringer. And it is very easy. Although their menus are slightly different, it's pretty easy to switch notifications on your Android or iOS devices. You can also edit (and review) the notification sounds in your phone's settings, usually under a "Sounds" tab like the Sounds & Beacons menu of the iPhone.

If you turn off your notifications, your phone will be less attractive. It may also give you some time to find joy in other things, such as interacting with people in person or simply enjoying a moment of calm without anticipating the next move.

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