Twitter Announces Tweet-Scheduling, Drafts for Web Users

A screenshot of the planning tool in action. Twitter

You don’t need to switch to a third-party app like Tweetdeck to schedule your tweets. Now Twitter allows you to schedule posts from the “What Happening” box. Twitter is also adding drafts, a feature that was previously only mobile, to its website.

To schedule a Tweet, tap the calendar icon in the “What’s Going On” section box. Choose a date and time for your Tweet, write something witty and hit the schedule button. You can schedule multiple posts at once and edit or delete your scheduled posts in the Drafts window.

You can schedule multiple tweets at once and edit or delete scheduled posts in the Drafts menu. Synchronization of scheduled publications on all devices, so you can write a Tweet on your phone and delete it on your computer.

Not quite ready to send this Tweet? Now you can save it as a draft or schedule it to send at a specific time – all from the composer Tweet!

– Twitter support (@TwitterSupport) May 28, 2020

In addition to its new scheduling functionality, Twitter has added a Drafts tool to its website. Drafts work the same way on the web as they do on the Twitter mobile app. When you try to cancel a Tweet, the website will ask if you want to save it to Drafts. But for the moment, drafts of Tweet saved on the desktop will not be synchronized with the mobile application, and vice versa.

Source: Twitter

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