UltraViolet is Shutting Down on July 31st, Here’s How to Transfer Your Movies

UltraViolet buyback process with a non-overlapping crossbarUltraViolet / Wayback machine

Ultraviolet, one of the largest digital rights bins for your movies (at any given time, anyway), closes on July 31st. However, you do not have to lose your content. you can connect VUDU and move your library to Movies Anywhere.

UltraViolet was virtually the de facto method for digital copying of your movies for years. Unless it was a Disney movie, it's likely that if you bought a digital code drive, that code was for the UltraViolet service. But all that changed when Disney unveiled Movies Anywhere, an extension of its Disney Movies Anywhere service. Combined with the power of Amazon Video, Google Play, Vudu, etc., Movies Anywhere has become an unbeatable service, as evidenced in part by this notice of shutdown.

UltraViolet Closure NoticeUltraviolet

UltraViolet indicates that you have until July 31 to connect a partner retailer to preserve your library. The good news is that this list includes VUDU, which means you can transfer your movie library to Movies Anywhere. Your TV shows will also be transferred to Vudu (but will not jump to other services with your movies).

How to transfer your library

First, log in to Ultraviolet and choose the Retailer Services option.

UltraViolet Website with Highlighted Retailer Services

Then click on the Vudo option (if a check mark is ticked, you are already logged in and you are done).

UltraViolet Retailer Services Options with Vudu Highlighted

Log in to Vudu.

VUDU login page

Click on your account name in the upper right corner and choose the "Account Settings" option.

VUDU Account Options

Click the Settings button to the right of "UltraViolet Library".

Details of VUDU account settings

Click on the words "Do you already have an UltraViolet?"

VUDU and UltraViolet connection page

Enter the details of your UltraViolet account and click Login (if your UV account is listed, click the Connect button).

UltraViolet Connection Page

You will receive a confirmation that the accounts are linked.

If you have not already done so, sign in to the Movies Anywhere service by entering your VUDU account settings (where you first selected UltraViolet), and then click on the Movies Anywhere option to connect to it. account.

Your UltraViolet movies will be populated by all the services you've connected to Movies Anywhere, including Amazon Prime Video and Google Play.

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