[Update: Available Now] Disney's "Onward" Cancels Its Theater Roadtrip and Will Arrive on Disney+ Soon


In what become a growing trend, Disney announced today cut the theater of Forward short and release it in the U.S. tonight for a digital purchase. And if you subscribe to Disney +, you will be delighted to hear Forward will release the streaming service on April 3.

Update, 4/3: Forward is now available on Disney +.

Forward is Pixar’s latest film, and it has a unique premise for the studio. While it is located in a fantasy country full of unicorns and dragons, the world is more like ours than the first thing. The magic is gone, so you will find modern sensibilities like houses, electricity, cars, etc.

The film stars two brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot, who try to use magic to bring their dead from the dead for a quick 24-hour tour. But the spell turns bad, and they only bring back half of their father – the uh, bottom half, from waist to toe.

And so begins a road trip to correct the lot and bring back the rest of the father before the expiration of the 24 hour period. And ironically, a road trip is out of the question right now, thanks to the effects of the coronavirus. Theaters are closing across the country as people isolate themselves to slow the spread of the virus.

So Disney and Pixar are going to cut From short road trip and offer the film for digital purchase from this evening. And if you have Disney +, you can expect to see service starting April 3.

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