Use an Internet Blocker to Block Websites and Get Work Done

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Web sites, social media, etc. can all be a considerable waste of time. If you're facing a big deadline or a difficult task, using a tool to block digital distractions can help you stay focused.

So how does it work? A blocker of the Internet and websites blocks designated sites (or even the entire Internet!) For a specified period. Sometimes you have to go to the extreme to refine your concentration. This is a removal of all the beeps, beeps and notifications that makes you want to continue, but it's not forever. This is the key, knowing that you can come back to it. after you have completed the task.

Some blockers allow you to specify which sites you can still access, such as the sites you need for search. You can install the blocker on any device, including your phone, allowing you a brief respite in the social media world. For some people, it works better than just silencing their phone (especially if you want to be reachable for emergency calls).

An excellent way to start with is Freedom. It can cover all your devices for less than $ 2.50 a month. It blocks everything – or whatever you specify – for a specified duration (you choose the duration). There is something reassuring to know that you have a time reserved for work, but that social media will be accessible after this time (as if you had a cigarette break in an hour, right?).

If your distractions are on specific sites, such as Facebook, you can try Stay focused. This is an extension for Google Chrome. You set the time limits for your favorite sites; when this time is reached, the site is blocked for the rest of the day. It's a great way to find out how much time you spend on social media. You may think it's not a lot, but an hour or two can run like this. Even though social media is fun, your productivity suffers.

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